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Well, 2008, it was a great year. I don’t even need to name all the big things that happened, but I have to give you credit—it was a great year for American AND Korean music. I graduated this year, went to prom, and really and completely immersed myself in Korean culture.

I came to know so many Korean artist this year, that I never liked before like, Lee Hyori, DBSK, SHINee, Wheesung, and I’ve definately started to like Big Bang more.

2009, all I have to say is that you have some BIG shoes to fill!

Anyway, gotta go watch the ball drop! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!!

Check out this crazy, awesome video by mmixes of all the greatest songs in kpop this year (I’m sure you know I love the part with Rain and SHINee, “I gotta be a bad boy, I gotta be a bad boy… Replay, Replay, Replay!”) And Lee Hyori’s, “OK!” is so cute too! ENJOY!!



So I watched this Korean movie called, “No Regret” (후회하지 않아), and it was freaking AWESOME.

I can’t lie to you, the thing that attracted me to the movie in the first place was the fact there was 2 hot guys on the advertising poster for it. Here is the synopsis fromt he

Sumin is an orphan trying to balance work in a factory with study at art college and an evening job. One night a rich young businessman tries to proposition him during one of his driving jobs. They meet again the next day: it is during a round of redundancy cuts at the factory where Sumin refuses an attempt by a man (who is in fact the boss’ son Jaemin) to save his job. Eventually Sumin is seduced into working as a male prostitute in an upmarket boy-brothel as Jaemin’s obsession with him grows, leaving Jaemin helpless in the face of his overwhelming desire. This is a film of bold sexuality, where unexpected passion, desire and misunderstandings wreak havoc of an operatic intensity.

Especially within the last 20 minutes of the movie, it had me on edge the entire time–this isn’t your typical, “boy meets boy” or “man falls in love with prostitute” story; I literally could not relax or take a deep breath until the credits started to come down.

And just to proove how sexy the lead star, Younghoon Lee is, here is some pics of him (“No Regret” was his first movie):

Also, check out the trailer:

And watch the movie HERE.