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(**CAUTION: “The Dark Knight” SPOILERS!)

Harvey Dent, there is so much to say.

Handsome. Tall. Loyal. Determined. Blonde.

Harvey Dent, the fallen hero. The District Attorney for Gotham City, also fiancee of Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes. The one unmasked hero of Gotham City, Harvey Dent had a gift for making wise decisions, putting criminals rightfully behind bars while still keeping his cool. Not the least bit afraid to do his job (he was threatened at gun point in court), but a bit bashful when it comes to meeting new people and other adults.

Though unfortunately, his end and demise wasn’t his own choice—he was seduced by The JokerĀ into believing that people in fact are not good at heart and that they can’t be trusted. A man who lost everything, his true love and his trust in those around him, Harvey became a crazed loaner, killing those in his way until he reach the supposed real source of his suffering, Commissioner Gordon. Unfortunately, this lead to his fatal demise.

However, thanks to Batman, Harvey Dent’s impact on Gotham City remained in tact, where we all can proudly say:

I believe in Harvey Dent!