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Let’s just get one thing straight people…


…just not their new look.

Ever since they came back out with their single “Juliette” I’ve just been wincing everytime I see them.. like this. I found some pictures of SHINee selca’ing and was just like.. ew. I hate this look on asians… the coloring of the hair and the blue contacts… we all know whats going on here, what look they’re trying to acheive….

The “white thing” they seem to have a taste for… for some reason they are fascinated with “white-ness” and I haven’t the faintest idea why. One thing to try on different looks but I just don’t like this.

taeminI’m sure this is a wig… I mean, as much as we all may wish, but no one’s hair can be that thick, full and luscious and the hot skater-boy curls and sidesweep—I dated a boy with hair like this, it’s absolutely amazing <3—just does not work on Taemin’s small, youthful face and then the contact just look freakish on him. This picture was taken recently I believe today at something called “SBS Power FM Choehweajeong Power Time” (?)

taemin2Creepy.. creepy…! The huge-mongo wig, the unfitting blue contacts and milky-skin… I don’t want to see this guy when I wake up in the middle of the night!

Oh Key dear… you used to be so sexy-sexy! But now you’ve been mutilated!

The thing I found sooo attractive about Key was his thick, dark eyebrows that matched his dark hair. It gave him a very intense gaze that made you just want to keep staring at his eyes but not that’s all washed away for this big, orange… thing.

Onew doesn’t look so bad here… just a little shaggy but there is Taemin again.. especially with that collared, striped shirt, he looks even more….

I saw this picture and thought it was so cute… that’s Jonghyun on the left and I BELIEVE—correct me if I’m wrong—Onew. Very simple but very cute.

And finally… Jonghyun is fricking sexy.

Masculine, faux-hawked and earring-ed out… just the way I like it. Sezzy sezzy sezzy!!!

Ahhh…. ❤

**Make sure to catch the HD version of the performance!

I had been meaning to write about this performance…oh my good ness, it was just so freaking awesome.

Now I’m not really a fan of rap or hip-hop in ANY language (excluding Epik High, Dynamic Duo and some selected others), but this was just insane. It was so awesome to watch TOP—he looked like he was just in his rightful habitat! (Though G-dragon was annoying as always….)

Lol, even though the dancing animals was a bit wierd-o, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, especially to see my husband (not Rain) Taeyang in the audiance so hyped to the performance—he was so cute!

In fact, the whole audiance was hyped up, groups also like the Wondergirls and SHINee. It was just an amazing performance overall, probably one of my most favorite of the night after that ass-whooping Rain gave JYP!


Well, 2008, it was a great year. I don’t even need to name all the big things that happened, but I have to give you credit—it was a great year for American AND Korean music. I graduated this year, went to prom, and really and completely immersed myself in Korean culture.

I came to know so many Korean artist this year, that I never liked before like, Lee Hyori, DBSK, SHINee, Wheesung, and I’ve definately started to like Big Bang more.

2009, all I have to say is that you have some BIG shoes to fill!

Anyway, gotta go watch the ball drop! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!!

Check out this crazy, awesome video by mmixes of all the greatest songs in kpop this year (I’m sure you know I love the part with Rain and SHINee, “I gotta be a bad boy, I gotta be a bad boy… Replay, Replay, Replay!”) And Lee Hyori’s, “OK!” is so cute too! ENJOY!!