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For some time I’ve been putting off my review of this drama because I wanted to do it thoroughly…well here it is! I actually finished it LAST Sunday (not yesterday). Unfortunately, unlike my Boys Over Flowers wrap-up, I don’t have many Soulmate screencaps (in fact, the only screencaps I have are of Shin Dong Wook and are all in the same scene…) but here goes anyway!

In my lifetime (and I consider my life to have started 3 years ago when I got into Korean stuffs) I have watched the following dramas in full: Full House, Coffee Prince, Kim Sam Soon, Boys Over Flowers and I have never watched one so fast and enjoyed every single episode as well as characters and soundtrack. Now mind you, of course every drama must have it overly-eccentric characters and this one is no exception, but it’s not to the point of being annoying…its quite comical.

shin-dong-wookOf course one of the main reasons why I like this drama is because of all the eye candy of course…and SHIRTLESS eye candy, might I add but there weren’t any story-less, unnecessary, empty characters *cough* Woo bin *cough* in this drama, which made me happy.

Lol the only character that semi-bothered me was Sa Kang’s character as Hong Yu-jin…the girl spoke in honorifics the entire series! And by honorifics I mean like, “안녕하십니까” vs. “안녕하세요” to the guy who she’s been dating and is try to get married to…I couldn’t believe it! She even answered the phone, “여보십시오” vs. “여보세요”! And the way her voice was always at that robotic, high pitch.

hyjOne of the main reason’s that made me wish and wish that Dong Wook and Su-gyeong would get together is because Su-gyeong seemed so much more real then Yu-jin. Yu-jin reminded me very much of a Stepford wife the way she would just do exactly what Dong Wook told her and wore her clothes in that very 1950’s style. She was definitely one to succomb to a mans wishes, whatever his wishes.soulmate12

Su-gyeong, like the Sam Soon character from “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” I feel embodies everything a women is. She’s nto always smiling, she doesn’t know how to cook everything, she doesn’t wear heels and dresses everyday, when shes angry she tells you, she doesnt cry one tear at a time—mascara streaks black down her face…Su0gyeong was everything Yu-jin wasn’t and even though they were friends, Dong Wook saw thats what drew him to her. He even said that he could feel her pain…and he hurt more.

soulmate02ft91I also enjoyed the Jang Min-ae (2nd woman from the right) character—who is literally a lookalike for Han Ji-hye—she was such a pimp! And she didn’t hide it from any of the guys she messed with! Yes, she was a homewrecker…but the girl gave pretty dead-on dating advice (though sometimes not in the best interest of his cousin Yu-jin). Since she was a player herself, no guy could trick her since she practically wrote the book! I especially loved her sexyness and willingness to basically say, “Yeah I slept with him on the first night…so?”** I also love how everytime she was going to hit on a guy the song, coicidently titled, “This is Not a Love Song” started to play…it was so sultry! lol

I loved her and Ryo-hei together (far left man)—he seemed to tolerate with her promisctuiy and still loved her anyway…and he never bitched about it. He just waited for her to come to him and in the end…she did.

shin-dong-wook-2One thing that struck me in this drama was their use of their real names…all the characters in the show (excluding Yu-jin) used their real names…I didn’t know they did that in Korea…interesting.

I took that  screencap of Shin Dong Wook becuase he was just so damn cute!

shin-dong-wook-3Anyway, the drama was really awesome and the ending is especially good. The whole thing seems to fly by quickly and towards the end you don’t want it to finish!

If you’re not a believer in fate, this drama makes you want to with a twist of an ending you wouldn’t expect…ahh, it’s been a week and I’m still reveling! …I’m also STILL listening to the soundtrack which is fricking awesome! Get it HERE.

Soulmate was awesome and gets a well-deserved 5 starfruit: 5-starfruit1

You can check out Soulmate dramafever or DL it at Aja-aja! Check out this cool fanmade MV on the drama by lespoiretreve.

**I’m not encouraging promiscuity, kids!


soulmate…Which is so weird, because it usually takes me months to start another drama! Considering I just finished Boys Over Flowers like 2 days ago, it’s a bit fast for me to be jumping back on the drama boat.

Well, anyways, I’ve now started the drama “Soulmate” which I heard alot of postitive things about and I have alot of positive things to say about it!

The drama is surprisingly and refreshingly sexy! None of that childish, “just press our lips together” crap, this is the real deal! And the sound track is to die for, which I already downloaded! And its mostly composed of English songs, but they really fit the plot. This drama is quite hilarious as well, as I’ve found myself literally LOLing to it! It’s very short, only 12 episodes (I’m up to 7), and I almost feel like I ALREADY wish it was longer!

Here’s the dramafever synopsis:

A combination of Friends and Sex in the City, this refreshing, witty and sexy sitcom is our current favorite. We follow six charismatic characters through blind dates, breakups and hookups in 12 enjoyable chapters which make fun of the trials and tribulations of being single and dating in Seoul today. Because of its story line, actors and music, the title did not enjoy massive popularity in Korea – we don’t think anyone over 40 years old watched it – but amongst the young people it grew one of the strongest cult followings to this date.

You can check out Soulmate at the above link to drama fever or download the series like I did at Aja-aja. And ladies, FYI, there is some SERIOUS eye candy in this drama! Especially the delicious Shin Dong Wook! Lots of scenes of the guys in the gym working out…shirtless!

Check this one out!