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se7Hey players!

I’m SURE you’ve read on THE GREATEST SITE EVER! about Se7en being on BET.

Please CLICK HERE to vote for Se7en’s music video “Girls” will go into rotation on the BET countdown! We’ve got to support a Korean artist!

Just scroll down the page and clikc “Se7en ‘Girls’ ft. Lil’ Kim”! And if you’re especially loyal, you’ll click ‘back’ on your browser and vote again!

taegoonvsse7enDon’t get me wrong…I love me some Se7en, but I can’t help but feel a little ditched, you know? I mean, even Rain went to the U.S.A, took care of his business (he happened to be doing more than Se7en), came back and made an album that was better then all of his other ones…but it’s been over 2 years since the release of “Se7olution”, and he has nothing to show for it.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was jamming hard to “Girls” and even “No Taking Back” but come on…let’s get this ball rolling Se7ey!

Called “Rain 2.0” by THE GREATEST SITE EVER!, Taegoon seems more to me like Se7en’s replacement rather than Rain doppelganger. Especially for me in the looks department, take for example the 5th picture below. And look at this pic above^^, the angle of the face and their noses (except Taegoon’s nose is a work of art to me…I wonder if he bought it…)

But I must say, Taegoon is quite the hottie…I’m sure you’ve noticed. I love his skin color, and he has full lips just like Se7en…and that neck! Oh Lordy…I want Taegoon to do more stuff. I’m so pissed though from that dance off he had with KARA. How in the hell are you going to put a newbie against an established group?! And what pissed me off most is that Taegoon and KARA were dancing to two TOTALLY different styles of music that could never even be compared–and KARA won!

Anyways, check out Taegoons music video “Call Me”:

Also, check out Aliks089 “Call Me” remix…better than the original I think!!!

And now, drool over Taegoon’s yummy pics~~

So what do you think?? Is Taegoon a good, temporary replacement for our beloved, missed Se7en??