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Posted: October 1, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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rain147Ninja Assasin Chibi’s!! So freaking cute!

I get more and more excited for this movie every time I see my baby<33 I’m contemplating waiting until I can go to Delaware and see it because these motherfuckers up here don’t know how to behave in a movie theater, not-sorry to say.

Rainrainrainrain! I love youuuuuuuuuuu<3


HOW DO YOU LIKE RAIN’S NEW HAIR?! (though he has had it several weeks and has done it before, teehee)


hayato2I need to watch a Japanese drama!

I can’t even lie, when I started watching Korean dramas (and up to this day!) I learned loads of Korean vocabulary. I also learned how to pronounce words, greetings, when to use them, and even some jokes that are hard to explain in the subtitles, but you can understand them because you know some of the characteristics of the language.

Anyway, I’m in my second semester of Japanese and I think it’s about time that I watch a J-drama! I was watching one before about some girl who wanted the perfect boyfriend and he was like a robot but she liked some other guy but he was a jerk and just wanted her cream puffs and there was a nother guy that liked her cream puffs and her but he was a loser I don’t remember lol

Anyone have any suggestions for Japanese dramas? Good ones!

Maybe this might help you think what I’m interested in: my favorite Koreans dramas of all time are My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Soulmate. Full House was kinda boring (sorry Rain!), Boys Over Flowers was entirely too whimsical and unrealistically stupid, Goong was EXTREMELY boring, Witch Yoo Hee I enjoyed, but took too long to get momentum (6 episodes!), and Coffee Prince I enjoyed.

Hopefully someone can suggest a good drama!

(PS For those who are wondering, thats Hayato Ichihara. I don’t know if he’s been in any dramas, but I needed a hot Japanese guy as the main picture! haha)


So my cousin was playing her game The Sims 3 and she told me that she wanted me to make the next people to be in her new Sims home. She told me to design a girl which I did, who’s name is Jesse Mattola and then she told me I could design my perfect man… I can’t explain to you the excitement I took in this process.

When I think of my perfect man, you’d think that I would design a Rain Part Duex, but I didn’t. This guy looks like every ethnicity rolled into one: Biracial, Latino, Asian and Indian… what matters though is that he is fine and he is indeed my perfect man.

I designed EVERYTHING about this guy. The shape, length and height of his nose, eyes, mouth and ears; how far apart I wanted his eyes, at what angel; the color of his lips; the strength of his jaw;  those earrings he’s wearing; the color of his eyes; the shape and thickness of his eyebrows; his sideburns; his build; the color of his skin; his style and yes, even his personality.

Below are pictures of him in his regular wear (the jeans), his bed wear (the glasses), swimwear and formal wear. For the formal wear, I gave him sort of Korean-style. Some of you may see that I took that exact style from Kim Sung Soo’s character ‘Min-hyuk’ in Rain’s drama Full House… that man dressed fly as hell!

So what do you think of my perfect man? Isn’t he to die for?

So I got Rain’s repackaged album in the mail the other day and I’m on cloud nine ^_____^ no pun intended!

I took a few pictures of it so you can see what it looks like… omg I love the remixes of the songs they are so amazing epecially of “My Girl”… Rain’s voice is such butter I love it ❤

625 coatSo I was watching 1977 series, “Roots” based off of Alex Haley’s best-selling book, (I have no cable and the Roots series is over 9 hours… it’s a HUGE time filler ^__^)  and I was watching maybe the 4th or 5th episode and I noticed something interesting….

Anyway, some background information: that man up there is a slave owner (played by Robert Reed from the Brady Bunch!) and he is also a doctor and he was checking out the slave Toby (who had been brought from Africa about 14 years before and whose real name is Kunta Kente). Since he was an African and always had known freedom before he was snatched by slave catchers, he was always apt to running away. This was Kunta’s 3rd attempt in running away and the slave catchers got tired of it, and you know what they did???


Crazy right?! And naturally back then during the mid-1700’s, they didn’t have many medicines (penicillin wasn’t even discovered until the late 1800’s) so basically they just gave him natural medicines, elevated the foot and tried to stop the blood flow.

The point of this post is, when Mr. Brady Dr./Master Reynolds stood up from trying to look at Kunta, I couldn’t help but admire his coat! I also realized that this 18th and 19th century style of clothing is a big inspriation to Rain’s line Six-to-Five. I made a picture comparison of the 2 coats and now I know they are not EXACTLY alike, but you can tell that Rain’s line is strongly inspired by 18th and 19th century style American/European clothing.


625 coat-2What do you think… did Rain take some cues from traditional Western clothes?

PS The picture says “Simba’s mom” because thats the actress that does the voice of Simba’s mom from “The Lion King”! Madge Sinclair!