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Let’s play dressup!

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Random
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dressupSo I wanted to play dressup… who doesn’t like dressing up characters? Well the one above is the model and I dressed her with the limited collection of clothes and hair styles she had. I couldnt even change her face or edit her skin color or anything. How does she look? I love the hair of her on the right and no… I didn’t forget to put the hair on her in the middle -_-” I think she works the bald look!

Below is another girl I did. They said it was Emma Watson (Hermione from Happy Pooper) but.. I don’t know lol. She definitely had more clothing choices and I was able to change her eye color, lips, and cheeks, and I also darkened her skin.

What do you think about her?



So my cousin was playing her game The Sims 3 and she told me that she wanted me to make the next people to be in her new Sims home. She told me to design a girl which I did, who’s name is Jesse Mattola and then she told me I could design my perfect man… I can’t explain to you the excitement I took in this process.

When I think of my perfect man, you’d think that I would design a Rain Part Duex, but I didn’t. This guy looks like every ethnicity rolled into one: Biracial, Latino, Asian and Indian… what matters though is that he is fine and he is indeed my perfect man.

I designed EVERYTHING about this guy. The shape, length and height of his nose, eyes, mouth and ears; how far apart I wanted his eyes, at what angel; the color of his lips; the strength of his jaw;  those earrings he’s wearing; the color of his eyes; the shape and thickness of his eyebrows; his sideburns; his build; the color of his skin; his style and yes, even his personality.

Below are pictures of him in his regular wear (the jeans), his bed wear (the glasses), swimwear and formal wear. For the formal wear, I gave him sort of Korean-style. Some of you may see that I took that exact style from Kim Sung Soo’s character ‘Min-hyuk’ in Rain’s drama Full House… that man dressed fly as hell!

So what do you think of my perfect man? Isn’t he to die for?

I guarantee this video will put a smile on your face.

When and IF I get married–I’m one of those people who believe you can love and spend your life with one person without having to have a slip of paper that says so–I want it to happen like this!

I always said that I didn’t want to have this huge-mongo thing but if I did, it would have to be like this… so fun and carefree and just celebrating! People make weddings so formal and serious, and in a sense they are, but the most important part is that its a celebration of 2 people’s love together.

I always hoped that I’d have it cliche’-ly on a beach or something with a very small group of intimate family and friends.

Only thing with my wedding is that we’d have a more choreographed routine… lol seriously, I’m thinking about doing this at my wedding now LOL

What would you want yours to be like?


“Wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with.”

-Al Sharpton


Gotta make a change
For once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right

As I turned up the collar on, a favorite winter coat
This wind is blowin’ my mind
I see the kids in the street, with not enough to eat
Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their needs?

A summer’s disregard, a broken bottle top
And a one man’s soul, they follow each other
On the wind ya’ know, ’cause they got nowhere to go
That’s why I want you to know

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

I’ve been a victim of, a selfish kinda love
It’s time that I realize, there are some with no home
Not a nickel to loan
Could it be really pretending that they’re not alone

A willow deeply scarred, somebody’s broken heart
And a washed out dream, they follow the pattern of the wind ya’ see
‘Cause they got no place to be
That’s why I’m starting with me

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make a change

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways, yeah
No message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make the change
You gotta get it right, while you got the time
‘Cause when you close your heart
Then you close your mind

No message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself then make that change

Oh no, I’m gonna make a change
It’s gonna feel real good
Just lift yourself
You know, you got to stop it yourself
Make that change
You got to, you got to not let yourself, brother oh
You know that
You got, you got to move
Come on, come on
You got to
Make that change
You know it, you know it, you know it, you know
Make that change

michael3Hey everyone!

In the midst of this horrible tradgedy, instead of listening to this horribly, false and disgusting rumors, we have to remember Michael at his best and his truest form—which was a performer!

PLEASE CLICK HERE! to sign an online petition in order to get Michael 30th Anniversary Performance released on DVD! Even if your not that big of a Michael fan, it would mean so much to the rest of us fans, because if you were really touched by Michael, this death really effects you, believe me. I remember when I was in 6th and this anniversary had came on the night before…when I got to school the next day, boy oh boy! You could clearly tell EVERYONE watched it! Everyone was doing Michael’s famous kick and singing and talking about it the entire day.

You can stay anonymous on the website, once you sign the online petition. Michael had the power to move mountains, change peoples minds and lives, I would love too keep his life change’s on record.

Also, recently I made a video about how I feel about Michael’s death. A full post will come soon (surely the longest I’ve ever written), but I haven’t had the energy or heart to write it yet. I’m still coming to terms with this horrible tradgedy.

Here is my video; lyrics written entirely by me:

My description about the video:

This is my response to Michael’s untimely passing. As you can see, I’m not a singer, so just bear with me and try to understand my message.

Taeyang and Big Bang fans are probably wondering why I used this song and the reason is because the verses are long which allows me to get my point across, as well as the fact that the song is really beautiful and emotional which I felt was a good tone for my words.

Here are 2 other good videos about Michael:

Please anyone and everyone CLICK HERE! to sign this petition! It’s a great favor to all of us Michael fans who’ve lost one of the most important figures in our lives!

michael 2had another breakdown over Michael yesterday.

i had to get out of bed and hide in the bathroom because i couldn’t take it anymore.

the more i thought about it…. the worse it got; crying, uncontrollable shaking. and when the thought that he was dead. gone. not coming back. entered my head, i started throwing up.

ive never been this broken up about a death. ever.