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Now I’m not one to encourage promiscuity…I mean come on–no one likes a whore, but how could you think of throwing someone in jail for just trying to be happy?

It’s not like the woman was running around have sex with every Tom, Dick and Minwoo! I mean, like my cousin always says when her boyfriend isn’t acting right, “What one man won’t do…another one will.” And like Beyonce says, “I can find another you in a minute–matter fact! He’ll BE HERE in a minute!”

Ok So-ri claimed out of the 10 (11?) years they were married, they only had sex maybe 8 times.


Yes that was a flatline.

Oh hell no girl. This girl needs to be given the Nobel Peace Prize for not cheating on his ass on the honeymoon…I mean hello? Women have needs too! And I know what you must be thinking about me, but please don’t think that. I’m exactly the opposite of what I must appear.

But anyway, what (I’m going to be like Perez) do U think?! haha