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bof menu uDid I say screw? I mean fuck! FUCK BOYS OVER FLOWERS!

Why the hell is my Boys Over Flowers post (where I talk about how shitty of a drama it was) the #1 most active and 2nd commented post on my entire blog? Also, I’m tired of people telling me off and trying to tell me off for not liking it. What is wrong with you fucktards?

Grow the fuck up. I don’t like that stupid ass, shitty scripted and acted drama, so thats the end of it! Stop trying to convince me because it’s not going to work! I’m not the only person on the planet who hates this drama, and all of you really need to sit back for a second and think if YOU really like the drama. Do you?

Or do you just like Lee Minho? Or Kim Joon? Or Kim Bum? Are you an SS501 or Kim Hyun Joong fan? Did you love Goo Hye Sun is Pure 19 so you like her in this? Do you just melt over Yi-jung/Ga-Eul couple? That is exactly what I fucking thought. You like the people in the roles. And let’s face it, if they didn’t pick these 4 and threw in 4 no-name actors like Kim Joon, this drama would have been the flop it deserves to be. Look at Kim Joon; he was a no-name and remained as such even with this drama! So I know that I’m right!





Have a nice day.

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Just thought I’d say, don’t be liking it like that boy…you’re turning me on.

Damn, and you know how much I love the fitting white pants…he’s so fine. I hope he’s in some dramas and movies soon…I miss him!

And boy you need to stop before you get yourself into some trouble!

Just sayin’!


Get comfy people—this is going to be a long one! …And I’ve got lots ‘o screencaps too!

So I finished this drama in about a week, the bulk of my watching haven been since saturday till last night where I refused to go to sleep till I finished the drama, which was a little after 4am!

Though I still stand by what I said in my previous entry, I have to agree with some of the commentors on finsihing the drama before my judgement. Why did the show all of a sudden get good at episode 21?! It was almost as though they hired a new director as well as a new screenwriter. The lines weren’t as cheesy, the drama wasn’t as random and everything really flowed together well, I was impressed. I’ve still got some questions, which I know SOMEONE is going to try to answer and make me seem stupid for not “seeing” it in the first place *rolls eyes*, but whatever; I’ll make my final comments and questions about the drama.

bof-girlsSeriously, what was the point of these bitches being in there?

They aren’t that pretty (well at least not for Kim Bum and Kim Joon [except maybe the one of the left]) to me and they didn’t utter one single syllable the entire, what?, 2 episodes they were there. There was absolutely no point to them being there, except maybe as to give a scapegoat for Yi Jung and Woo Bin, I guess to keep the focus more on the Ji-Hoo/Jun-Pyo/Jan-Di love triangle.

bof2This one is kind of “LOLable”, but come on, why does the crazy, creepy, fortune-teller lady have to be black? hahaha The “sexy” (NOT!), New Caledonian natives that the F4 boys seem to be quite acquainted with are white but the fortune teller is black…and from her accent, it seems as though she’s American.

Now from the little research I just did on New Caledonia, it seems that the major ethnicity of people there are Malenisian, which is said to be a present-day for of Papuan people—black people. By having the above ugly girls play the natives, I feel it misrepresents the people of the country, and one of the MAJOR factors in screenwriting (that’s what I’m going to school for) is research—you have to make sure that what you represent in your film is to be as factual as possible. I also didn’t like how in the episodes in New Caledonia the girls above were dressed VERY revealingly in comparison to “virginal” Jan-Di and Ga-Eul. Even when the girls were “clothed”, they were half-naked!


Poor Kim Joon! lol My boy didn’t have many line in this drama and virtually no place here except as Yi Jung’s partner in crime—also the best fighter amongst the group. To be honest, if F4 was F3, I don’t think it would have made that much of a difference, considering Yi-Jung had his own thing going on with Ga-Eul and his family. Though I WOULD have liked him to have a bigger part, I liked Woo Bin’s attitude, he seemed very chill and his Engrrish was quite funny, “Yo yo yo main, wussup?” I’ll look forward to seeing Kim Joon in other projects in the future.

I was highly impressed with Kim Hyun-Joong’s acting…actually I was impressed he could act at all! Though I was like WTF? around episodes 17-23 where Hyun-Joong barely had any lines at all—the boy just did not speak at all! Problems with his grandfather getting to him…maybe. Uncreative screenwriter…thats my bet. I’m glad Ji-Hoo made up with his gramps though, even though I hated the way Jan-Di literally forced them together…though I’m a bit confused, Ji-Hoo’s grandpa died, right? That’s the reason why he must re-open the clinic?

This is a screencap from the last episode, I just wanted to point out whoever was in charge of the “costumes” or clothes was pure genius! Ohmahgah…serisouly, I absolutely LOVED the clothes in this drama, even Jan-Di’s sometimes! Jan-Di actually made me want to go out and get a pair of those combat boots she wore, though I didn’t like the white ones, I like the black ones. Look at Woo Bin in that picture, could he look anymore fly? And Ji-hoo also, I always loved his outfits, they reflected his classy demeanor…and a quick little useless sidenote: Hyun-joong was already a 9/10, then when he cut his hair he literally jumped to a 13!

Though I feel, a bunch of young boys dressing is really nice suits everyday is heinously unrealistic, it was nice none the less.

gjp2I loved Goo Jun-Pyo’s suit in this scene…anyway, from when we met her, I liked the Ha Jae Kyung character, even though she tended to force her friendship unwillingly down peoples throat, she means well and you have to remember that. Though I have no idea why you would fall for a girl who has renamed you “Monkey”, Jae-Kyung apparently falls for Jun-pyo, even not-knowing people well—I tell yah, Goo Jun-pyo must be some kind of lover in the bedroom because I can’t understand why so many women would blindly chase him when he treats them like dog shit!

Lee Min-Jeong is one beautiful lady and I can’t deny I developed a little girl-crush on her! lol I’m so happy though with her descision to not marry Jun-pyo (even though we all knew it wouldn’t happen). Like she said herself, she’s a cool ass girl and she went out with dignity.

bof8And now for the greatest scene in the entire series, the pool scene. I was EXTREMELY impressed with how this scene went down and the events leading up to it.

I don’t know about you, but something about Yu-mi really disturbed me. She had that sweet, big eye’s thing going for and she was one sneaky little bitch—which I’m so glad the other F4 boys could easily tell and treated her like she “had a disease”. How she smiled, the fact that she was pretty and the way stole something Jan-di made for Jun-pyo in order to get closer to him reminded me of another villain from another tale—The Little Mermaid. Yu-mi reminded me abhorrently of Ursula the sea witch, who used Ariel’s voice in order to lure in Eric so she could become the new Goddess of the sea, denouncing King Triton from his throne.

In The Little Mermaid, Ursula held onto Eric’s arm firmly the same way Yumi holds onto Jun-pyo’s, and as Eric did when Ursula announced they were going to get married, Jun-pyo holds the same blank stare when Yumi announces they will be leaving for America…just a little tidbit I noticed.

bof41bof51bof61Even though, once the F4 boys started talking about doing things to refresh Jun-pyo’s memory, I knew the final “test” was going to involve a pool, and probably Jan-di throwing herself in or accidentally falling in, the scene was amazing. I wanted to cry during this scene, it was absolutely beautiful. I love how Jan-di didn’t act crazy, didn’t try to drown, she just went to the ledge and just let herself fall freely—I also felt there was another message in there too.

She fell in, grabbed the necklace and just waited. The song made the scene very emotional as Jun-pyo remembered all his times with Jan-di, and in the background you could see Ji-hoo fighting the urge to jump in and save her. Once Jun-pyo realized, he jumped in and I felt so relieved…a great scene, definitely my favorite in the series aswell as out of all the drama’s I’ve watched so far (my other favorite, HERE!)

gjp3All in all, it was an okay drama. Am I glad I watched it? Yes. Do I think it should be the #1 national hit in Korea? …Not so much. Though, those boys are so fine it could be #1 hit or #1 miss and I’d still watch it! I just wish the drama didn’t start getting really good at episode 20! Though I’m sure no one is reading this at this point because it’s so damn long, lol I still have some brief notes as well as questions:

  • Holy shit! Jun-pyo’s mom is one crazy ass bitch! Do not mess with her! Unfortunately, like Jun-pyo and his his sister, I know what it’s like not to want to call your mother, “mother”. They handled themselves really well and I wish them the best in their “futures” lol…FIGHTING!!!
  • I wish the drama was a bit more specific about what happened with Jun-pyo’s dad. So he wakes from the coma, but does society know he’s alive? Is the mother forgiven? The way she caters to her husband makes it seem as though we should be sympathetic to her.
  • Did Ji-Hoo’s grandpa die?
  • I actually really like the soundtrack to this show.
  • Goo Hye Sun’s acting was horrible in the beginning, but like I said, got much better within the last 6 or so episodes.
  • Ga-Eul is a complete idiot for telling that little girl her “boyfriend” Yi-jung was living in Sweden…. I’m sorry honey, but he’s is not your boyfriend if you didn’t know. He doesn’t even have the decency to treat you like a human being, the way he stomps all over your feelings like stairs.
  • So Jan-di’s boss’s father used to work in the household where Ji-hoo’s grandfather held?
  • Hyun-joong’s crying scene went over well.
  • Lol the Grandmother maid from Jun-pyo’s house was Han-gyul’s grandmother in Coffee Prince

Check out my favorite scene:

Originally I would’ve given the show 2 starfruit, but with a pretty good last 5 episodes, I’ll give it 4: 4-starfruits

So, if you haven’t seen it, should you watch this drama? Yes. One friday when you know you have nothing to do the rest of the weekend (every friday I’m sure! …jkjk), take your ass on over to, set up an account and watch it. Or, you can do even better like me and download all the episodes and watch them at Aja-aja…subtitles are on the site as well, just look!

Whew! That was one long rant!

Also, below I took an awesome screencap of the F4 boys which turns out to be a nice desktop screensaver! I was going to put it down there so you can click it, make it bigger and save it to your computer but wordpress is being stupid…so if you like it and want it, then just say so in a comment and I’ll use your given email to send it to you!




…Yet still I’m addicted to it like a crackhead.

Lol I have never watched something so poorly written, poorly acted and poorly directed in my entire life. This drama is absolutely horrible, and now that I can talk to people about it, I have found I’m not the only person that thinks so.

Goo Hye Sun can’t act for her freaking life, the plots change every episode and a half and all anyone ever does in this drama is stare at each other. I swear, at least 10 minutes per episode is spent with people having memories and staring at each other—especially Ji Hoo. He is the king of blind staring.

I don’t mean to pick apart the drama—which I love to do on on allkpop chat—but it leaves me with a lot of unanswered questions. Here’s a few to start with:

  1. Why did Woo Bin have that memory on the bridge? What did it have to do to anything? What was Yi Jung talking about in that memory?
  2. Whatever happened to that model/actor guy? Was Jun Pyo’s mother behind the whole scheme?
  3. Who did the actor guy supposedly look like?
  4. Why is everyone in this show deaf and can never hear when someone walks up behind them?
  5. Why does Ga Eul always show up to Yi Jung’s house unannounced?
  6. Why didn’t Yi Jung think of this new pottery girl before?
  7. Why didn’t Jun Pyo just tell Jan Di why he punched out Ga Eul’s ex?
  8. Why would Seo Hyun, a stunning, international actress date a high school senior 5+ years her junior?
  9. Why are Yi Jung, Ji Hoo, Woo Bin and Jun Pyo always at the high school when they should be at university?
  10. Does anyone else hate and love Ha Jae Kyung all at the same time?
  11. Why does Jan Di keep passing out in the snow when she goes looking for Jun Pyo’s neckalace?
  12. Why does Jan Di always end up drowning when she’s supposed to be a champion swimmer? Shouldn’t she know how to tread water? 1st time was a leg cramp, paddle with your arms, 2nd time was shoulder cramp, kick with your legs.
  13. How did the F3 know exaclty where Jan Di was in Macau that they came to save the day?
  14. Did anyone else feel in the beginning, the bulling against Jan Di was TOO intense? Especially when those boys pulled the chain and she flew off of her bike? In real life, Jan Di could have cracked her skull and gotten really hurt—it was TOO unrealistic, right?

I could literally make 100+ questions about this horrible TV show but I’ll leave it here for now. I just finished episode 18 and am waiting for the rest. The only good thing I can say about this show is the great eye candy—mm mm MM! Lee Min Ho<33—I’m enchanted by him, can you tell? (Man of the Moment on him—coming soon!)

But honestly, I’ve only watched 3 dramas in full before (Sam Soon, Full House, Coffee Prince) and several, only seeing the first episode…but this one is really the worst I’ve seen. I’ll be watching it and just say out loud to myself, “THIS SUCKS!”

What makes it more hilarious is that its the #1 hit in Korea! I’m like, are the looks of the F4 boys that great to you that this drama is number 1?!

….Then again, looking at Lee Min Ho, I’d say, yeah, that seems about right.

bofSo I’ve buckled under the pressure that is Boys Over Flowers!

I’ve now started forcing myself to watch this drama…but it’s killing me! I’m only a little over half way through the 2nd episode, and Goo Hye Sun’s horrid over-acting just kills me! I can’t take it!

And also, Kim Hyun-joong’s UNDER-acting kills me aswell—he’s so freaking dry. And this comes from someone who was a fan of him on “We Got Married!”

Though don’t get me wrong, the show isn’t a national hit in Korea for no reason…so I feel like I have a duty to watch it. Also, so I can understand all the posts on THE GREATEST SITE EVER! about it. But one thing I don’t understand is, is there like 2 seasons of the show? Or did I read that wrong?

leeminho2I don’t know…even though he’s the hit star from the show “Boys Over Flowers” and theres is supposed to be something unrealistically gorgeous about the F4 boys (as in, they are supposed to be so attractive that you won’t find it elsewhere)…there is something very natural about him.

I think because I DO feel that you could walk down the street and see a hottie like this makes him even more attractive…oh the possibilities…Care to concur?

And the Lord knows I find it EXTREMELY SEXY when male models take pictures in jeans and barefeet…mmm, yum.