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So I just realized after I uploaded my review about Jung Da-bin’s suicide 😦 That’s so sad. I’m sure the cast was really close and that was a big loss…. I wish Korea would recognize that a great deal of it’s youth struggle with depression. Recognize it and address it, instead of seeing the people who suffer as freaks or that their is something wrong with them.

But ANYWAY. I finished the drama review and had it all edited up an everything. Took me like 14 hours! lol But yeah, I added lots of clips from the drama into it so thats a big reason why its so long. I don’t just talk about the drama but I also talk about relationships between men and women and how authentic this drama was. Kudos to the people who suggested it!

So make sure to go watch the videos, rate comment and subscribe too! And suggest MOAR DRAMAS!!! (*salivates*) I’m getting back into enjoying k-dramas and was even thinking about making a soap opera type-thing for the OTHER CHANNEL.

CLICK HERE for part 1

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CLICK HERE for part 3

And now, here are some funny pics of the many faces of Kim Rae Won I forgot to put in the video.

hayato2I need to watch a Japanese drama!

I can’t even lie, when I started watching Korean dramas (and up to this day!) I learned loads of Korean vocabulary. I also learned how to pronounce words, greetings, when to use them, and even some jokes that are hard to explain in the subtitles, but you can understand them because you know some of the characteristics of the language.

Anyway, I’m in my second semester of Japanese and I think it’s about time that I watch a J-drama! I was watching one before about some girl who wanted the perfect boyfriend and he was like a robot but she liked some other guy but he was a jerk and just wanted her cream puffs and there was a nother guy that liked her cream puffs and her but he was a loser I don’t remember lol

Anyone have any suggestions for Japanese dramas? Good ones!

Maybe this might help you think what I’m interested in: my favorite Koreans dramas of all time are My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Soulmate. Full House was kinda boring (sorry Rain!), Boys Over Flowers was entirely too whimsical and unrealistically stupid, Goong was EXTREMELY boring, Witch Yoo Hee I enjoyed, but took too long to get momentum (6 episodes!), and Coffee Prince I enjoyed.

Hopefully someone can suggest a good drama!

(PS For those who are wondering, thats Hayato Ichihara. I don’t know if he’s been in any dramas, but I needed a hot Japanese guy as the main picture! haha)

bof menu uDid I say screw? I mean fuck! FUCK BOYS OVER FLOWERS!

Why the hell is my Boys Over Flowers post (where I talk about how shitty of a drama it was) the #1 most active and 2nd commented post on my entire blog? Also, I’m tired of people telling me off and trying to tell me off for not liking it. What is wrong with you fucktards?

Grow the fuck up. I don’t like that stupid ass, shitty scripted and acted drama, so thats the end of it! Stop trying to convince me because it’s not going to work! I’m not the only person on the planet who hates this drama, and all of you really need to sit back for a second and think if YOU really like the drama. Do you?

Or do you just like Lee Minho? Or Kim Joon? Or Kim Bum? Are you an SS501 or Kim Hyun Joong fan? Did you love Goo Hye Sun is Pure 19 so you like her in this? Do you just melt over Yi-jung/Ga-Eul couple? That is exactly what I fucking thought. You like the people in the roles. And let’s face it, if they didn’t pick these 4 and threw in 4 no-name actors like Kim Joon, this drama would have been the flop it deserves to be. Look at Kim Joon; he was a no-name and remained as such even with this drama! So I know that I’m right!





Have a nice day.

yoohee7I totally just remembered to post the hot screencaps I took of Jae Hee while watching “Witch Yoo Hee.”

Well, here they are: what do you think? Hot or not?


(Caution: Witch Yoo Hee Spoilers)

Truth is, I actually finished this drama long over a month ago (maybe even 2 months…) but I never got around to writing it up because… well, because my reviews of dramas can be quite lengthy. I have a whole assload of screencaps (sooo many of the hot Jae Hee) so I hope your chair is comfy. Either that or just click and go somewhere else when you get bored… just leave meh some love, will ya?

Here is the dramawiki synopsis:

As the director of her father’s advertising company, Ma Yoo Hee (Han Ga In) is known as a witch for her ruthless, no nonsense character. After a string of failed attempts to hire a housekeeper, she (literally) runs into Chae Moo Ryong (Jae Hee), ex-medical student turned aspiring chef. As a way to work off his debt for crashing into her car, he agrees to become her housekeeper and personal love affairs coach for one month. Gladly, he gives her a makeover that attracts both her old friend Johnny Kruger (Dennis Oh no! What a bad actor!) and her first love Joon Ha (Kim Jeong Hoon). Despite having a girlfriend, Sung Mi (Jun Hye Bin), Moo Ryong eventually finds himself falling for Yoo Hee.

yoohee2yoohee11I’d like to start with Dennis Oh. Holy crap… his casting made me quite upset. The only reason why they put him in this is because the guy is hot, for no other reason other than that. His Korean is very awkward and his acting is just bad bad bad. Even in the few scenes where his American ‘girlfriend’ came to see him in Korea, you’d think that since he was acting in English that he might be more natural but still, he was bad bad bad.

I feel like they gave his character to much emotional weight in the drama. One minute he was in love with Yoo Hee, the next he was giving her to Moo Ryeong and then he liked her again… it was all very wish-washy. He was Moo Ryeong career mentor, and they should have just left it at that. Plus, those 2 girls that were always stalking him all the time were very annoying.

yoohee4Jun Hye Bin’s character Sung Mi was soooo loveable<3 I felt so bad for he when Moo Ryeong and her started to grow apart. Hye Bin was great casting for this part… she really executed the being hurt emotions. At first I forgot why I took these 2 screencaps but now I remember that I thought her hair was really cute here. Girlfriend always dressed on point!

yoohee13yoohee16I gotta tell you, Kim Jeong Hoon plays bad guy really well… I hated him so much in this drama! He was a true bad boy, willing to do what ever he could, step on anyone he could in order to get what he wanted. It’s so weird to see him be this way now that I’m currently watching Goong which he is also in, except this time he’s playing the sweet, sensitive type (I’ll rant about that shit later -_-“).

I took that cap of when he was about to get into a car accident because his face was just so classic and fake lol. I don’t actually think Jeong Hoon is a bad actor it was just a ridic face he made there. I don’t even know how he could play a bad guy when he has such a cute, baby face!



All I can say is… ew.

Not only was he a very evil, evil man-asshole-jerkhead, but he was extremely hard to look at. When I think of all the villains in the dramas I’ve seen (which usually are the parents–remember how evil Goo Jun Pyo’s mom was in Boys Over Flowers?), there has never been one more harder to look at than this man. I know it sounds harsh but every time he came on the screen I just went, “ugh.”

yoohee5These 3. I can’t even lie there were several times I fast forwarded through these scenes because they were just that annoying. The mother was dumb, the son was dumber and his girlfriend was a complete dumbass. Her character was just entirely too retarded that it was so ridiculous unbelievable. It reminded me of the dumbassness Geum Jandi was in BOF. The mother was always yelling and complaining the boy was stupid and the girl just said dumb shit, all she did was eat and for some reason didn’t understand what the word shut up meant, which her boyfriend told often. And her lie about her being pregnant… when I found out, she would have been out on the street on her ear in minutes.

yoohee7Han Ga In pulled off the bitchy-ness of Yoo Hee very well I will say. It’s amazing considering Ga In is such a sweet looking person because she is so pretty, but girlfriend can’t get down! And her features… she has the perfect face! Kim Tae-who? is what I say! And her nose is like a sculpture lol… and she’s a natural beauty!

I just felt that the character Yoo Hee was TOO MUCH of a bitch. Especially with Moo Ryeong’s very childish, and kind nature, it escalated how she looked. Now, I am SOOOO not for violence against women, in fact quite the opposite, but you can’t just go around smacking and kicking people in the shins like she did. Bitch needed to be smacked.

yoohee19And how girlfriend did Moo Ryeong when she broke up with him! She didn’t even have the balls to tell him in person! She got some little kid to run over to him and give him a melted ice cream cone and the ring he went broke to buy for her. I mean that was just wrong!

yoohee6Ahh… the hot Jae Hee! His hair in the beginning of the season (as you can see in the main pic) was all wrong compared to his ending hair. It really made him look soooo much hotter! He was always a cool dresser in the series and now his hair matched his chic style! And he’s tan–hot!

Jae Hee’s character Moo Ryeon was a little too silly for my tastes. I know Korean Drama comedy is usually very whimsical and plays heavily on slapstick style jokes (he reminded of Jack Tripper so much some times), however Jae Hee made you just really love Moo Ryeong and his cute, good nature. He was such a nice guy and would go to the ends of the earth for you.

I first saw Jae Hee a few years ago in a movie called 3-Iron and from then I knew he was a good actor, then I saw him again in a drama I never finished watching called “1 mother, 3 Fathers.” He’s a good guy, I hope to see him in a lot of future projects.

yoohee12yoohee8And what would a Korean drama be without terrible Engrrish?! This one is no different!

As you can see above, they spelled Dennis Oh’s characters name, Johnny Krouger, in ways that don’t follow traditional rules of English spelling. They spelled Johnny, ‘Jhonny’ and Krouger in a very elementary way, Crooger, a way that last name is never spelled. Also, when Jae Hee received his letter to attend the Le Cordon Bleu school in France (why was the letter in English?) it was FILLED to the brim with incorrect grammar mistakes that I circled. It’s LOLable.

yoohee15I gotta say that on of my favorite parts of every Korean drama is the clothes. They are either hideously ugly or amazingly awesome—never in between. Once Ma Yoo Hee got out of her all-black-wearing clothes she started to dress extraordinarily fly!

I did this though that a lot of the times she wore too many layers and the clothes were too baggy to teh point where it looked a bit slopping sometimes. Like she would wear a knee length dress shirt and then where baggy jeans under it and boots… it just looked like too much. Knee length dress and tighy skinny jeans or leggings is okay, but not with all that stuff. Like above where she is wearing that green coat thing… it looks ok, but it would look much better if it was smaller and the white shirt underneathe wasnt so big. Anyway, those were a few of my favorite outfits.

yooheeHere is an example of a poor mistake by the costume department! Why the HELL would they put those big bulky black shoes on Jeong Hoon. The suit was already entirely WAY too big for him then they put those big ugly shoes on him!

Yoo Hee’s dress looked really nice but his tuxedo was ruined by its overly bagginess and the shoes. And it was a tail coat no less! Personally, for my wedding I would like my husband to wear a tailcoat because I love the way they look, but tail coats need to be tailored to the wearer’s body or else they’ll drown in it.

yoohee22And finally, the 2 end up together in the end. It was a nice drama, I’m glad I watched it. I felt like it drug on a bit though… the beginning took forever to pick up but once you got to about episode 6 you’re hooked.

I’ll give this drama 3.5 starfruit: 3.5 starfruits

Go to aja-aja to download this drama and don’t forget to look out for my next post with a whole ass load of Jae Hee screencaps!!

kimjihoon3You know why? Because everyone needs hot guys in their life.

Let’s check out this guys stats!

  • Name: κΉ€μ§€ν›ˆ / Kim Ji Hoon
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: 1981-May-09
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 61kg
  • Star sign: Taurus
  • Blood type: O

I don’t know who you are, or where you’ve come from… but I want to go there.



…and I’m liking what I see.

Finally, Kim Bum’s next drama after the horrendous Boys Over Flowers, Dream will finally air starting this Monday! A few days ago a press conference for the was held in Busan and before I saw the picture’s I wasn’t going to watch it but now… you better believe I’m going to be awaiting it’s release on the internet! So many hotties….

Also starring alongside Kim Bum and Son Dambi (I’m also intrigued to see those 2 together romantically, I’m sure) is Joo Jin Moo, or as most of you may know him as – myself included – the guy Kim Ajoong was after in 200lbs Beauty.

Dambi looked pretty as per usual in a gold, shoulder-dress and Kim Bum looked long and sleek in a suit and Jesus shirt button-down-shirt-sweater-hybrid-thingy.

Will YOU be waiting for ‘Dream’ to premiere?