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jaebeom7Are fans doing too much to get Jaebeom back?

Is it suppor for Jaebeom… or something else?!

CLICK HERE for an amazing article on Jaebeom’s so-called fans… can’t wait to see your comments!!


Take that, jackass!

Well considering JYP is in fact a gorilla and not a donkey; Take that you banana picker!

During the SBS Gayo Daejon awards, Rain gave JYP the final ass-whooping he has so been deserving. How would it feel if you ex-protege, ex-trainee and ex-best friend, served your ass on a huge stage in front of millions of people?

Embarassed as hell. King JYP? KING KONG is more like it!

Thats exactly what Rain did to JYP during his performance. Now I thought before watching it that Rain might get his yummy, curvacious booty handed to him, but once I saw JYP busting out those tree climbing moves, I knew it was going to be over before it started (and did I mention Rain’s butt looks so good in those white pants?!)

Especially when the Snoop Dogg part cameĀ on he just killed it!

Das mah boo!
**Make sure to catch the performance in HD!