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atkinsYes, yes, you guys. I am doing scholarships.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right…I should’ve BEEN done these scholarships when I was in High School…now I’m suddenly feeling the weight of tuition press down very hard on my shoulders. TO ALL HIGH SCHOOLERS ELIDGEABLE FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: do them! Listen to your english teachers! They are very right!

As for the scholarship that I’m probably going to be staying up till 3am finishing for the rest of the weekend, it’s going to be about Rain—of course! You know I love him…haha. But anyway, this won’t be any normal Rain fanvid you make in a few hours, I’m actually WORKING HARD on this! I’ve got so many video clips, I’m not trying to perfect the timing of the music (I haven’t even begun clipping and editing the videos let alone placed them) and what songs to use…I’m still also not sure if the message I want to make in the video is, “I love him”, “It’s very lonely at the top”, or “He is the greatest”.

Any opinions?

I’ll figure it out…anyway, I’m sure your inquiring as to the Atkins symbol going on up there, well I’m on the Atkins diet friends! I’ve been told, if you follow the diet correctly, you can lose 15-20lbs in 2 weeks…no joke. I know it seems very unlikely, but it’s not! Why is it not? Because the diet is EXTREMELY STRICT! The 3 days I’ve been on it have felt like 3 weeks! (But I’ve read this feeling will go away in a couple days…)

Now as for the math: let’s say, 18lbs in 2 weeks means 9 pounds per week, 1.28lbs per day. How am I doing?—I’VE LOST 4 POUNDS! This shit works!

For those of you all like me out there, trying to shave off some pounds for spring time, as long as you have the will power (and I’m warning you now—this is not for the weak of will!), you can do this and lose the LB’s!

*P.S. After it’s finished, I will post my scholarship submission here.

Until next time,


I’ve started drinking soda again.

And you can see it all over my face.


I must really have been off my rocker.

Lately, as in within the past month or so, I’ve been eating alot of Ramen. And considering that I am indeed a college student, I’m sure you aren’t surprised.

My favorite flavor is the kimchi one that I usually get from the fruit stands and whatnot…and if that’s not hot enough, I also buy the jarred kimchi and put that in there too. I’m so addicted to kimchi now, its very sad. (Training my mouth for when I go to Korea.)

Anyway, I realized I’d been eating it alot so I decided to do my research and this is what I found, it’s:

  1. High in sodium
  2. High in cholesterol and fats
  3. The manufacturing process

And now that I think about it, the little packet that you get with the noodles is nothing but pure salt! I know I’m not the only who in the early stages of ramen (like when you FIRST made ramen when you were younger) tapped a bit of the seasoning into your hand and tasted it. Apparently, I’ve read that you should actually only use HALF of the pack of salt, also, a healthy amount of the ramen to eat should only be half a package.

Half a pack of ramen? Anyone who has honestly eaten only half a package, please let me know; I’ll fly you to New York and give you the pat on the back you so deserve.

*info credits go here and here.


Hello all (no one yet, I’m sure). I haven’t been a blogger since May of this year, right before I graduated high school. I’d been wanting to set up a blog for over a month now and the incentive that got me to finally make one was when I met someone who had one. So, hopefully I can be interesting enough to get some readers!

And for my first post (though I’m sure I may seem boring already), I will write about the pomegranate. AKA the greatest and most underrated fruit on the planet.

As pretty and red as it looks in that pic above is just as it looks in real life, I swear. It is the sweetest, juicyest fruit ever. Only set-back to the fruit is that it’s expensive. I paid $2.50 for ONE earlier this week. I’m ready to get another one, I’m starting to go into withdrawl. But I’m sure you’re not surprised since I hear that pomegrante juice is expensive aswell.

However, the benefits of pomegranates are AMAZING. Check out the perks of this delicious fruit:

  1. Fights Breat Cancer
  2. Lung Cancer Protection
  3. Slows Prostate Cancer
  4. Keeps PSA Levels Stable (whatever that means!)
  5. Protects the Neonatal Brain
  6. Prevention of Osteoarthritis (which is good for me since my Gran has BAD athritis!)
  7. Protects the Arteries
  8. Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention
  9. Lowers Cholesterol
  10. Lowers Blood Pressure
  11. Dental Protection

As you can tell (or maybe not?), I’m trying to get into this whole “healthy living” thing. With the green tea and the fruits and all. (In general I love fruit, hence, the name fruits and berries). Well, next post I PROMISE to be more interesting.

Until then,