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What with SNSD’s latest song, “Oh!” plagiarizing Rihanna’s song “Shut-up and Drive” I have received serious fluctuation in comments on that video a made some time back about SNSD’s (or rather SM Entertainment’s) copying of Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music.”

Well, since this recent controversy, my video on youtube has also received a lot of play considering it is always in the “related videos” section of any video with content containing Rihanna and SNSD. And now that I have more subscribers, I have decided I need to put up more videos in order to increase my channels popularity.

My most recent video, freshly uploaded is a mash-up of Ne-Yo’s “Closer” and Super Junior’s  “Why I Like You.” I’d been wanting to do this one but a while because SuJu’s version is a complete rip of Ne-Yo’s, but hadn’t gotten around to it due to lazyness.

CLICK HERE to go to youtube and watch, rate, comment and subscribe! 😉

Also, if you can think of any songs that sound similar, please let me know!

PS I haven’t written here in SO LONG.. mostly because I’ve been out of the Kpop loop for some time. Anyway, happy new year, y’all!

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…and they’re already pissing people off!


Well, one of the comparisons I talked about before, the similarities between Lee Hyori’s “Get Ya” and Britney Spears “Do Somethin'” (and also SNSD’s “Genie” and Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music”) but this time I actually made a mashup of the 2 songs as well as several others.

And what do these mashups have to do with Rain? Absolutely nothing! I just wanted a photo of a hottie as the main pic!

Click on the pictures to go to Youtube and view their prospective mashup videos:


envy vs 2pm

sean vs 2ne1Please read the info on the videos as well ^^)

Also, I DO take requests for mashups of songs you believe sound similar.

SHINee’s “Juliette” and Corbin Blue’s “Deal With It” COMING SOON!!

riri snsdI don’t get on the internet for ONE day and I miss so much! SS501 MV release, album controveries, Big Bang photoshoots (YUM!) and most importantly… SNSD’s comeback song (though… weren’t they always here?).

Anyway, the ex-band geek that I am, I couldn’t HELP but notice the similarities between Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” and SNSD’s just released single, “Genie.”

Now I’m a fan of both songs, but one cannot deny the resemblance in them. They have the same rhythmic patterns, instruments as well as the clapping sound effects. I mean, obviously, Rihanna’s version came out before theirs, so I’m forced to say its copying. I made a video where I combined the music together and blended them so you can see the similarities easier.

Ah well, it’s not going to make me like the song any less, so I better get used to it, considering it’s going ot be everywhere, as well zillions of covers, renditions as well as performances in the very near future.

My only quarell with SNSD is that now, this mean DBSK comeback (and theirs actually WILL BE a comeback) will be that much farther away TT__TT

geeYes… I’ve been singing this song around my niece for a while now and I’m glad she’s finally picked it up!

Do me the great favor of going HERE to comment on it as well as rate it!


If you thought Taeyeon was the only fool in the video, in my opinion, Seo-hyun looked 3x’s more stupid than Taeyeon.

Putting her hands to her cheeks like she’s crying, sticking her index finger randomly in the air, tapping her head, pointing in the air again, covering her mouth, clapping with four fingers, putting her fists under her chin….

Cheese on bread, I got so fired up watching this idiot. She’s the most retarded one out of that entire group.

omGEE CD Giveaway!

Posted: January 27, 2009 in K-Pop Madness, Random
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omgeeSo, just like the 2008 elections *cough*Obama-rama  forever!*cough*, I have decided on someone to support for recieving an album in the “omGEE CD Giveaway”, hosted by THE GREATEST SITE EVER! and soshofied.

So I was browsing through the comments, and I was just looking at peoples entries, and the boy that did the one I support the most deserves TWO CDs for this exact performance!! haha He really was great, the best submission I’ve seen!

So, my vote goes for the user, conveniently named “omGee~”

Here is his hilarious submission!