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g-dragon2Oh my word… this song LOL.

I finally listened to it and it just… it just soounded SOOOOO familiar, like the rest of his singles that were released. For someone who claims to be very original and innovative he sure does copy a lot.

Anywho, his song… it sounds like a mid-90’s pop song that I can’t think of the name of. I had a pretty young mother, she had me when she was 25, so of course she was listening to all the new hit songs and was always playing them, like a lot of the technoish-electronic songs that were very popular back then and “Breathe” just sounds SOOOOO familiar but for some reason I can’t seem to put my finger on it!

Any 90’s baby who can call it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me in a comment I’ll do one of my loved hated comparison’s of it! But seriously… this song sounds so familiar.

Oh and G-dragon looks like a… just bad version of Gackt during his Mizerable days in this MV, innit? lol… Sigh. When is Taeyang’s coming out again?!

And he calls himself a producer?

What the heck G-dragon?! I actually like Big Bang! And now you’ve gone and done this!

Could G-Dragon’s teaser for his upcoming solo album sound ANY MORE like Flo-Rida’s “Right Round”???

I think not. -_-“

At least this will make for another nice mashup to add to my collection of Korean music producers jacking using sound concepts from American artists. Sheesh… when is my babeh Taeyang coming out with HIS album?

Oh… and those adlibs in the begininng are very annoying Mr. Kwon.


g-dragonSo I was reading an article on Daesung on * and instead of paying attention to Daesung (who, no doubt, was funny in the clip below), I was laughing at G-Dragon’s expressions and everything he said.

For some reason, the way he laughs reminds me of someone…someone I knew from High School I think. The way he was laughing, especially in the beginning it seems as though he would have a good sense of humor.

Only thing I disapprove of is his clothes…lol. Also, I still find him and his Engrish a tad annoying on the Big Bang stuff (especially in the beginning of “Strong Baby”), but anyway….

G-Dragon…want to be friends??