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So I just realized after I uploaded my review about Jung Da-bin’s suicide 😦 That’s so sad. I’m sure the cast was really close and that was a big loss…. I wish Korea would recognize that a great deal of it’s youth struggle with depression. Recognize it and address it, instead of seeing the people who suffer as freaks or that their is something wrong with them.

But ANYWAY. I finished the drama review and had it all edited up an everything. Took me like 14 hours! lol But yeah, I added lots of clips from the drama into it so thats a big reason why its so long. I don’t just talk about the drama but I also talk about relationships between men and women and how authentic this drama was. Kudos to the people who suggested it!

So make sure to go watch the videos, rate comment and subscribe too! And suggest MOAR DRAMAS!!! (*salivates*) I’m getting back into enjoying k-dramas and was even thinking about making a soap opera type-thing for the OTHER CHANNEL.

CLICK HERE for part 1

CLICK HERE for part 2

CLICK HERE for part 3

And now, here are some funny pics of the many faces of Kim Rae Won I forgot to put in the video.

Hey whats up guys?! It sure has been a while since I’ve been on here!

Unfortunately I haven’t blogged really I’m here to link some videos! I have 2 new channels now, 1 for my movies/skits/music videos/etc, where I will showcase my creative side. You can go to that channel HERE.

And I also have a channel chock full of me, and friends and stuff messing around! Recently I’ve been talking about K-pop stuff with the start of me watching dramas again! I reviewed My Girl with Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae and Lee Junki, and I JUST finished Attic Cat with sexy Kim Rae Wan and Jung Dabin, and will be discussing that sometime this weekend. I edited the video comedically hopefully to keep you guys entertained 😛

For my Attic Cat review I’m going to try and incorporate video from the drama into the video to make it really nice~~

Anyway, please check out them and let me know what you think! I really value your opinion!! Thanks!! ❤

CLICK HERE for my review of “My Girl“!!

CLICK HERE to see what a Korean music album is like!!!

CLICK HERE to find out how to win FREE STUFF from us!!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and look out for my Attic Cat review! Also, suggest more dramas for me!!

PS If you like the main pic and would like it as your background, go the videos and leave a comment! Let me know on the My Girl review and i will surely send it to you!

jaebeom7Are fans doing too much to get Jaebeom back?

Is it suppor for Jaebeom… or something else?!

CLICK HERE for an amazing article on Jaebeom’s so-called fans… can’t wait to see your comments!!

se7Hey players!

I’m SURE you’ve read on THE GREATEST SITE EVER! about Se7en being on BET.

Please CLICK HERE to vote for Se7en’s music video “Girls” will go into rotation on the BET countdown! We’ve got to support a Korean artist!

Just scroll down the page and clikc “Se7en ‘Girls’ ft. Lil’ Kim”! And if you’re especially loyal, you’ll click ‘back’ on your browser and vote again!

mariahThe songs that made you just want to get up and groove to them, the ones that made you just fall deep in love, the hits of the summer!

Mariah Carey was a big part of that feeling you got! I’ve been listening to several of her top 90’s hits lately…so I’ve decided to share them with you!

I hope they make you feel as good as they made me!



Always Be My Baby:



Well let me sell them to you!

What does Rain have to do with this post? Will I be selling some of my Rain’s memorabilia??

HELL NO! He’s just really hot and I needed a pic for right there ^^;

But I will be selling some other stuff in case you would like to buy it! Also, I will tell you hoenstly and truly, that I keep all of my kpop stuff in PERFECT condition…sellable condition!

Right now, I have a limited amount of items, but if you are interested, please bid on them! I guarentee you’ll be getting a good deal on otherwise overpriced products!

Click to see the items I’m selling and the prices!

  1. FT Island’s “Colorful Sensibility”
  2. Full House Full Series on DVD (with Song Hye Kyo and Rain)
  3. Best Korean Drama Hits 3 (Double Disk, 14 songs each)
  4. BoA “Love Letter” double disk, Asian mix **
  5. BoA’s Self-titled debut American album**

I’ll be adding to this list, so make sure to check back!



sspx0133…and I must say I am so beat! I must’ve walked 12+ miles yesterday!

Finally I feel as though the weather in NY is just what it should be…it was somewhere in the late 60’s maybe even early 70’s!

All the tourists were out today, even kids you could tell were on field trips and stuff. I have never heard so many languages then I did yesterday! A few I could identify: Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Russian and French…then there were some others that I could tell by the people were European languages.

Oh man…the European men out that day…it killed me! They were so hot and tan and blonde and yummy… 😛 oh man, the memories!

I went to Chinatown (bubbly tea–YUM!) also paid TWO visits to Koreatown (went and then came back) for the first time in months…probably haven’t been there since December. Lots of hotties…I actually almost walked into a mailbox! And I was able to get some ddeok boki for the first time in probably a year and half!

My cousin and I also went into some department store that was having a flower showcase as well as a lot of furniture stores…for some reason I just enjoy looking at it! And this one place where as you can see I took a gillion pictures was awesome…it was so chic, I can only hope that one day I can decorate my apartment as awesome as these samples were!

Anyways, check out the pictures from my day: