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Hey whats up guys?! It sure has been a while since I’ve been on here!

Unfortunately I haven’t blogged really I’m here to link some videos! I have 2 new channels now, 1 for my movies/skits/music videos/etc, where I will showcase my creative side. You can go to that channel HERE.

And I also have a channel chock full of me, and friends and stuff messing around! Recently I’ve been talking about K-pop stuff with the start of me watching dramas again! I reviewed My Girl with Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae and Lee Junki, and I JUST finished Attic Cat with sexy Kim Rae Wan and Jung Dabin, and will be discussing that sometime this weekend. I edited the video comedically hopefully to keep you guys entertained 😛

For my Attic Cat review I’m going to try and incorporate video from the drama into the video to make it really nice~~

Anyway, please check out them and let me know what you think! I really value your opinion!! Thanks!! ❤

CLICK HERE for my review of “My Girl“!!

CLICK HERE to see what a Korean music album is like!!!

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PS If you like the main pic and would like it as your background, go the videos and leave a comment! Let me know on the My Girl review and i will surely send it to you!

hayato2I need to watch a Japanese drama!

I can’t even lie, when I started watching Korean dramas (and up to this day!) I learned loads of Korean vocabulary. I also learned how to pronounce words, greetings, when to use them, and even some jokes that are hard to explain in the subtitles, but you can understand them because you know some of the characteristics of the language.

Anyway, I’m in my second semester of Japanese and I think it’s about time that I watch a J-drama! I was watching one before about some girl who wanted the perfect boyfriend and he was like a robot but she liked some other guy but he was a jerk and just wanted her cream puffs and there was a nother guy that liked her cream puffs and her but he was a loser I don’t remember lol

Anyone have any suggestions for Japanese dramas? Good ones!

Maybe this might help you think what I’m interested in: my favorite Koreans dramas of all time are My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Soulmate. Full House was kinda boring (sorry Rain!), Boys Over Flowers was entirely too whimsical and unrealistically stupid, Goong was EXTREMELY boring, Witch Yoo Hee I enjoyed, but took too long to get momentum (6 episodes!), and Coffee Prince I enjoyed.

Hopefully someone can suggest a good drama!

(PS For those who are wondering, thats Hayato Ichihara. I don’t know if he’s been in any dramas, but I needed a hot Japanese guy as the main picture! haha)

antiqueI had this movie on my computer for the longest time but finally just watched it the other and I think that it was an OK movie.

The trailer for the movie as do the stills suggest plots other than what it was but hey… whatever. This one had a lot of eye candy and thats whats important, right? Joo Ji Hoon was looking super fine and super mature in this compared to Goong (aka the only other thing I’ve seen him in), and Coffee Prince guy looked better here too.

I just think this movie took an odd turn through the middle. It was like a light-hearted cute romantic comedy then all of a sudden it became this drama and then because almost horror movie like, I was like what the hell is going on here? I just felt like the plot was tugging me in several different directions.

Other than that, it wasn’t bad, I’ll give it 3.5 starfruit: 3.5 starfruits

se7Hey players!

I’m SURE you’ve read on THE GREATEST SITE EVER! about Se7en being on BET.

Please CLICK HERE to vote for Se7en’s music video “Girls” will go into rotation on the BET countdown! We’ve got to support a Korean artist!

Just scroll down the page and clikc “Se7en ‘Girls’ ft. Lil’ Kim”! And if you’re especially loyal, you’ll click ‘back’ on your browser and vote again!


Well, 2008, it was a great year. I don’t even need to name all the big things that happened, but I have to give you credit—it was a great year for American AND Korean music. I graduated this year, went to prom, and really and completely immersed myself in Korean culture.

I came to know so many Korean artist this year, that I never liked before like, Lee Hyori, DBSK, SHINee, Wheesung, and I’ve definately started to like Big Bang more.

2009, all I have to say is that you have some BIG shoes to fill!

Anyway, gotta go watch the ball drop! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!!

Check out this crazy, awesome video by mmixes of all the greatest songs in kpop this year (I’m sure you know I love the part with Rain and SHINee, “I gotta be a bad boy, I gotta be a bad boy… Replay, Replay, Replay!”) And Lee Hyori’s, “OK!” is so cute too! ENJOY!!


Wow. Ok. So I didn’t think that a drama could get any better than, “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon”, but it did!

So I just finished “First Shop of Coffee Prince” with Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye (also, Chae Jung Ahn and the greatest husband ever, Lee Sung Gyun), and it was really good. I mean, there were a couple times I must admit when I was like, “Ok…lets just get to the scenes with Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye (though I never fast forwarded it)!

Anyway, I really loved this drama—the chemistry between GY and YEH was amazing; it reminded me of KSS and Hyunbin’s character. The only thing I can complain about is Han Yoo Joo—I showed this character no mercy. I’m not sure if they wanted us to hate her, but I sure did! Especially, right before she proposed to Hang-Sung, and said, if she wanted to cheat “stray away” from him, then she just would… what a bitch! To treat such a great guy like shit!

But what most surprised me about this drama, is that it actually got some tears out of me! I mean, I’ve always had problems watching people on TV/in movies cry (not in person)—especially if they get emotional, I’ll start crying with you! This scene below, is the one of two scenes that had me crying (not blubbering, just tears). To see GY and YEH put so much into it—their emotions felt so real.

Anyway, this is one hell of a drama, GY is so cute, makes me love him even more, and YEH is adorable. I give it 5 star fruit: 5-starfruit

Watch The First Shop of Coffee Prince starring Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, HERE.
**RIP Lee Eon aka Min-yeop


(CAUTION: Coffee Prince Spoilers!)

Notice, I don’t mean the actress Chae Jung Ahn, but in fact her Coffee Prince character, Han Yoo Joo.

This bitch chick cheated on her boyfriend with some crusty old man-whore named DK, after she was in a relationship for 9 years with the most amazing husband-material and cutest behaviored man ever, Choi Han Sung. Also, she’s datin g Han Sung but messing with the head of his cousin who also likes her, Choi Han Kyul.

Then, after he pussy-whippedly stupidly took her back, this hoeish goes and threatens to leave him again after he just got a simple, little crush on the just-as-adorable Ko Eun Chan. Well, of course, he takes her back after she fools him into thinking she went to New York, and the woman gets preggers (I STILL think it was DK’s!), and then she’s out partying and drinking alcohol! Has she ever heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?! I know it was her fault she lost the baby!

And then, after all that she has done to Han Sung, she then tells him that if she wants to cheat on him, then she just will—then she proposes!

Need I say more?

Congradulations Han Yoo Joo, you’ve just made my shit list!