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Thanks to the GREATEST SITE EVER I’ve found my hottie!

I swear to you…I saw the above photo MONTHS ago and didn’t know so his name, and was in searching (not relentlessly, obviously…casually. That’s alo of “lys”…)…I just remember thinking that the guy was SO FREAKING HOT. How hot you ask? Why don’t you run your mouse over the picture and take a look at the name I gave to it…yeah, THAT hot.

I just remember thinking there was something very attractive about his hands…yeah they are pasty, but in this sick way I find it hot. I remeber thinking, “I REALLY hope he doesn’t go in the sun…” because his skin is so beautiful! I read that there is a retarded group of people who don’t think he’s attractive because of his nose…once again, I believe the nose gives his face a bit of character.

Hottie Son Ho Young, everybody!