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Listen to the REAL Michael Jackson!

Here is a series of phone conversations where you can hear Michael talk about an array of subjects: his father Joseph, love, family, penises, being black, sex and women!

A MUST-listen for Michael fans!!

rain147Ninja Assasin Chibi’s!! So freaking cute!

I get more and more excited for this movie every time I see my baby<33 I’m contemplating waiting until I can go to Delaware and see it because these motherfuckers up here don’t know how to behave in a movie theater, not-sorry to say.

Rainrainrainrain! I love youuuuuuuuuuu<3


HOW DO YOU LIKE RAIN’S NEW HAIR?! (though he has had it several weeks and has done it before, teehee)



I saw Orphan on Saturday night an mannnn was it good! It put G.I. who? to shame!!

As I said before, I was supposed to see Orphan last week but luckily enough for me I made my way to the theaters again this weekend and was able to see Orphan and it was soooo good! This time they had REAL actors who could actually act, Vera Farmiga¬† (I know her from Boy in the Striped Pajamas) and Peter Sarsgaard (if you don’t know him then you don’t know anyone) not to mention the kids who starred in the movie.

First of all I must they those kids are so awesome to be able to act to well at that age and the one little girl named Aryana Engineer who is the most precious little thing I’ve ever seen… she is absolutely adorable its ridiculous. Isabelle Fuhrman was the perfect Esther, the way she could act and seem cute and then her transition to the 33 year old woman you really believed it! She just got angry and seemed so much more mature so you actually bought the fact that she was supposed to be a 33 year old woman.

The ONLY quarrel I have with the movie, or something that could have been different is the fact that the father died. I mean, obivously she stabbed him to death, she stabbed him like 8 times but I don’t think she should have died. The reason is because the audience was with the Mother when she wanted to get rid of Esther, when she hated Esther, we hated Esther, but the father was always on Esther’s side; I believe that he never got a chance to ‘redeem’ himself so to speak because right after he realized that Esther was actaully bad, he was killed. Other than that, everything was perfect!

I give “Orphan” FIVE, YES FIVE, starfruit! 5 starfruit


And if you haven’t checked out Orphan yet then do so ASAP!!

rain NAI gotta say I like this better than the other one!

It’s definitely more intense and I’m so happy to say that all the reviews Ninja Assasin is getting has been good! There was this video of soem producers from another film, but they saw Ninja Assasin at Comicon and were highly praising it calling it “the bloodiest movie of the year” and how they really loved the movie.

This is going to put rain on the map!

“Fear not the weapon, but the hand that wields it”



…and I’m liking what I see.

Finally, Kim Bum’s next drama after the horrendous Boys Over Flowers, Dream will finally air starting this Monday! A few days ago a press conference for the was held in Busan and before I saw the picture’s I wasn’t going to watch it but now… you better believe I’m going to be awaiting it’s release on the internet! So many hotties….

Also starring alongside Kim Bum and Son Dambi (I’m also intrigued to see those 2 together romantically, I’m sure) is Joo Jin Moo, or as most of you may know him as – myself included – the guy Kim Ajoong was after in 200lbs Beauty.

Dambi looked pretty as per usual in a gold, shoulder-dress and Kim Bum looked long and sleek in a suit and Jesus shirt button-down-shirt-sweater-hybrid-thingy.

Will YOU be waiting for ‘Dream’ to premiere?




ninja assasinOMG! The day I’ve been waiting my whole life for… for SO LONG has finally come and it’s here the Ninja Assasin trailer is here OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! Let’s rejoice all!

The critiques from the pre-screening of this movie have all been good and I can’t wait because I’m sure this will be Rain’s big break into the US scene! I hope he stays and actor because he is so good at it… people will see him in this movie and then everyone is goin gto want to hire him and he is going to put asian men on another level with him coming out and being all sexy like he is!!!!


That was a mouth full.

With me, it’s impossible not to be bias when it comes to Rain… but this looks good! I just wished they had him in the trailer more what the heckity heck?! It’s his movie he needs to be shirtless in every other frame, I demand it!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the long-awaited Ninja Assasin trailer!


“Wasn’t nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with.”

-Al Sharpton