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Happy Birthday Michael

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

michael34I just wanted to say,

I love you baby.

And I hope that very soon you will finally be able to rest in peace.

I can’t find any other words.

google MJ


So, I went to see this movie saturday afternoon and surprisingly it was quite good.

This would be a good movie for those who don’t know so much about Biggie (I didn’t know much either, I went with my brother since he likes him) and want to learn more about 90’s rap and also the whole “East Coast vs. West Coast” rivalries and whatnot.

The movie was good, and I felt that it did Biggie’s memory justice and didn’t leave you feeling like he was a bad guy who learned the eternally hard way; its so crazy to see him in this movie and remember that this is a true story—the man literally lived the dream.

Beware of a lot of nudity and strong sexual content in the movie though—I saw it with my brother and it got a bit awkward…lol.

Also, the actor, Jamal Woodward, who played The Notorious B.I.G did the esteemed rapper justice—I wouldn’t be surprised either if there was an award in store for him in the future.

I’ll give “Notorious” 4.5 starfruit:45-starfruit2

Check out the Notorious trailer: