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Even though technically, he always has been and always will be a douchebag…I’m just willing to write about it now.

The most conceited, cocky but you’re not all that person ever, Kanye West, everybody.

Does he not have a brain? Does he think it’s okay to comment on every single celebrities situation without regard to truth or anyones feelings? He swears he’s the shit, even though his ass just got here.

The things that come out of this fools mouth…he must be on something that he can just say these things without even realize how dumb they are. He’s such an attention whore and as soon as the focus leaves him…well then after that happens, you can just expect another douchebag comment like the one below:

“Put this in the magazine: There’s nothing more to be said about music. I’m the fucking end-all, be-all of music. I know what I’m doing. I did 808s in three weeks. I got it. It’s on cruise control. . . . Man, we talked about music for God knows how long! Now let’s talk about how my fucking sweater didn’t come back right from Korea. That’s what’s interesting me.” (-As said in the new issue of Details Magazine)

Oh really? You are the “end-all and be-all” to music? So…in other words, there is no other artist that can top you?

I’m sure you all can see my point…. Congratulations Kanye West…you’ve just made my shit list!!!

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(CAUTION: Coffee Prince Spoilers!)

Notice, I don’t mean the actress Chae Jung Ahn, but in fact her Coffee Prince character, Han Yoo Joo.

This bitch chick cheated on her boyfriend with some crusty old man-whore named DK, after she was in a relationship for 9 years with the most amazing husband-material and cutest behaviored man ever, Choi Han Sung. Also, she’s datin g Han Sung but messing with the head of his cousin who also likes her, Choi Han Kyul.

Then, after he pussy-whippedly stupidly took her back, this hoeish goes and threatens to leave him again after he just got a simple, little crush on the just-as-adorable Ko Eun Chan. Well, of course, he takes her back after she fools him into thinking she went to New York, and the woman gets preggers (I STILL think it was DK’s!), and then she’s out partying and drinking alcohol! Has she ever heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?! I know it was her fault she lost the baby!

And then, after all that she has done to Han Sung, she then tells him that if she wants to cheat on him, then she just will—then she proposes!

Need I say more?

Congradulations Han Yoo Joo, you’ve just made my shit list!

I can’t take is anymore…I really can’t.

At this point I think that anyone who likes this song is either mad or tone-deaf. I must be listening to the Wondergirls sing “Nobody” while everyone must be listening to something else.

Can you really listen to–Sohee especially–them and be content? I understand its not suppose to be a vocally challenging song, just a catchy one but this is no excuse! This song has only been out like 2.5 months and I’m already almost to the point of suicide. And I’m tired of all the freaking different versions of that blasted song. Even on the track listing for their albums, 4 of the songs are different version of the damned song.

And they’re everywhere…please don’t do it to me anymore!!