hayato2I need to watch a Japanese drama!

I can’t even lie, when I started watching Korean dramas (and up to this day!) I learned loads of Korean vocabulary. I also learned how to pronounce words, greetings, when to use them, and even some jokes that are hard to explain in the subtitles, but you can understand them because you know some of the characteristics of the language.

Anyway, I’m in my second semester of Japanese and I think it’s about time that I watch a J-drama! I was watching one before about some girl who wanted the perfect boyfriend and he was like a robot but she liked some other guy but he was a jerk and just wanted her cream puffs and there was a nother guy that liked her cream puffs and her but he was a loser I don’t remember lol

Anyone have any suggestions for Japanese dramas? Good ones!

Maybe this might help you think what I’m interested in: my favorite Koreans dramas of all time are My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Soulmate. Full House was kinda boring (sorry Rain!), Boys Over Flowers was entirely too whimsical and unrealistically stupid, Goong was EXTREMELY boring, Witch Yoo Hee I enjoyed, but took too long to get momentum (6 episodes!), and Coffee Prince I enjoyed.

Hopefully someone can suggest a good drama!

(PS For those who are wondering, thats Hayato Ichihara. I don’t know if he’s been in any dramas, but I needed a hot Japanese guy as the main picture! haha)

  1. loluncreative says:

    Kimi wa Petto is pretty interesting.
    In short, it’s basically and older lady finds a ‘hawt’ boy and makes him a pet.

  2. Nadra Adem says:

    Try my fair lady.

    I found your site through facebooks “interracial couples” then saw this link in your info. definitely need to bookmark it. i used to be into k-pop and j-pop in 5th grade and started listening to some songs last week. i forgot why i loved it so much. my favorite song right now is kira kira by beni. you should definitely suggest some songs to me that would be awesomeee (:

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