bof menu uDid I say screw? I mean fuck! FUCK BOYS OVER FLOWERS!

Why the hell is my Boys Over Flowers post (where I talk about how shitty of a drama it was) the #1 most active and 2nd commented post on my entire blog? Also, I’m tired of people telling me off and trying to tell me off for not liking it. What is wrong with you fucktards?

Grow the fuck up. I don’t like that stupid ass, shitty scripted and acted drama, so thats the end of it! Stop trying to convince me because it’s not going to work! I’m not the only person on the planet who hates this drama, and all of you really need to sit back for a second and think if YOU really like the drama. Do you?

Or do you just like Lee Minho? Or Kim Joon? Or Kim Bum? Are you an SS501 or Kim Hyun Joong fan? Did you love Goo Hye Sun is Pure 19 so you like her in this? Do you just melt over Yi-jung/Ga-Eul couple? That is exactly what I fucking thought. You like the people in the roles. And let’s face it, if they didn’t pick these 4 and threw in 4 no-name actors like Kim Joon, this drama would have been the flop it deserves to be. Look at Kim Joon; he was a no-name and remained as such even with this drama! So I know that I’m right!





Have a nice day.

  1. Me says:

    Hi, fruitsandberries. I agree with you that BOF is not as good as we expected. But if you think that you wasted 25 days of your life by watching this drama, why waste any 1-3 hours by posting this meaningless blog ? An advice for you, get alive. You can do better things rather den hiding behind your computer spreading vulgarities.
    ” Also, I’m tired of people cursing me out and trying to tell me off for not liking it. What is wrong with you fucktards? ”
    Ok, in case you dunno, you were the one cursing and swearing here.
    You know, i watched many drama which seriously failed me. But i decided to shut my mouth. I mean, whats the point of cursing the drama ? You are just inviting flamers to your blog. If you dun like the drama, thats your problem. And i really agree with your last point. Good luck with your life. =)

  2. matarbi says:

    U go girl !!
    the only thing that I loved in this drama is Lee Minho
    and Thats it!

    Kim Hyun Joong……. I don’t want to comment on the boys acting just because he is sick now

  3. fruitsandberries says:

    this is exactly what I’m talking about. Just because YOU spent 25 days watching that shit doesnt mean i did! I watched it in about 3 days during my spring break when I was in my house being an insomniac. I have a life, thanks very much, its you who needs to find one, instead of scouring the internet looking for people who dislike BOF. This MY blog, which means its MY property. I can write whatever I want on it. I don’t like the drama. ITS OK. You can continue living if I dont like it.

    You netizens need to get lives, instead of sitting on the computer looking for stuff to bitch about. Go get a life, meet some people, make them your friends, go hang out and get a life. Seriously. Friends are nice, and sometimes we go out to eat, you know hang out, you should try it sometime.

    Oh, and this post took literally less than 5 minutes to write (1-3hours?! lol!), because I get inspiration from losers like you.

    Good luck with the friends thing!

  4. cheryl says:

    i came across this on wordpress just to check on how Kim Hyun Joong was doing with his flu.. the title screamed at me so i thought i’d take a look. anyways i do like boys over flowers and i agree that there are some stupid parts. however, people have their own opinions and clearly you stated yours. it’s not a crime to have your opinion [i believe this is what you were trying to tell the people who bitched at you for hating the drama] but when i read your blog you were basically saying we are stupid cause we like the drama. you assume we liked it because of the people who played the roles.let it be true or not, it’s still someone elses opinion. and like you said in your comment, “You netizens need to get lives, instead of sitting on the computer looking for stuff to bitch about. Go get a life, meet some people, make them your friends, go hang out and get a life.” i was just wondering.. what are were you doing in your blog? [particularly this post] meeting people or were you JUST bitching about something. that’s all i have to say. and this comment has NOTHING to do with your opinion on the drama i don’t expect everyone to love this drama. i just don’t like hypocrites. thanks, have a good day ( :

  5. Me says:

    Hi fruitsandberries. You are definitely a retard since you doesnt seems to understand my point. I have a life, thats why I can live a happy life. Unlike you, who spam vulgarities just because of a drama. I really find you very pathetic. And by the way, do I know know you very well ? Or do you know me very well ? I dun sit in front of my computer everyday ( and obviously I dun sit ON my computer ) to find sometime to bitch (?) about. Everybody know friends are nice, but actually, it depend on the type of friends you make. I am worry about your friends because slowly, they are going to get influence by you and start cursing and swearing. I know this is you blog, you can do whatever shit you want here, but this is my comment, and I can write whatever shit I want. Ofcuz, you can choose to delete the fact that i wrote, which makes you a coward. Your blog, which you look less than five mins to post, is obviously text of crap. You dun think before you post, thats why you look such a short thing to write it. Oh, and the last thing I wanna add on to my comment is, Kimm Joon is not a nobody. Thanks to BOF, his group, T-Max is getting more famous now.
    Seriously, good luck with your life.

  6. fruitsandberries says:





    PS you must be new to the english language. When someones says youre sitting ON the computer or when someone says they are going to get ON their computer, they don’t mean literally on top of it. Just an FYI

    Also, I’m ALLOWED to bitch. Because I’m bitching on MY OWN SPACE. Don’t come to MY SPACE and bitch at me about what I’m saying on my own page! I’m not going on anyone else’s pages and complaining!


  7. humpy says:

    Woa… Well I’m not gonna get mad at you like all the other *points* like those ones… I respect your opinion, and they should too… My rating for Boys Over Flower is 5/10 the excessive use of music, it traumatized me O_o the only reason I watched it is because the guys were hot lol… Don’t mind them its your right to blog all you want

  8. Me says:

    Hi fruitsandberries, sorry to disappoint you but I’m very good in english. You know, you are right, I shouldnt waste my time on someone as hopleless as you. So this is the last time I’m going to be here. Heres the comment you were looking forward to, how izzit ? I hope you love it. I wont wish you good luck, cuz your life is doomed. Bye.

  9. fruitsandberries says:

    Waste your time? What do you do, go around trying to ‘fix’ people? You need to fix yourself before you can even think to say anything to anyone else, Ms. Butthurt Betsy.

    Thank you AGAIN for coming to my page and reading this, which I know you are, you don’t even have to leave a comment because I know you’re this, thanks. And thanks for the 3 comments you left on my post!

    How awesome of a person you are, to speak on my life, saying its over. Shouldn’t wish death on people, ya know? Its not right.

    Go get a life, please I beg you! Stop getting angry with people who vent in their own spaces! why dont you go meet someone and take them to applebees, i hear they have a 2 meals and 1 appetizer for $20 special!

  10. […] Sam Soon and Soulmate. Full House was kinda boring (sorry Rain!), Boys Over Flowers was entirely too whimsical and unrealistically stupid, Goong was EXTREMELY boring, Witch Yoo Hee I enjoyed, but took too long to get momentum (6 […]

  11. RobD says:

    Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  12. BloggerDude says:

    I don’t know If I said it already but …Cool site, love the info. I do a lot of research online on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read….

  13. Bill Bartmann says:

    Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  14. mamae says:

    how many episodes of bof did u watch till u realize that u hate it????? or did u finish the whole 25 episodes, then u realize that u hate it, man, u are slowwww

  15. jasmine says:


  16. Lulu says:

    yeah i’m not crazy into korean dramas and just started watching like 2 days ago actually. OK I did binge on the first few I’ve watched but I might stop watching them because I just don’t have time anymore with school restarting. Started with lie to me, got tired of it (i really needed a break after watching it for 5 hours straight WTF KOREAN DRAMAS) and I’m on episode 9 of BOF…it’s interesting but the main couple’s story drags on and on but it was the same thing i encountered in lie to me so imagine I have to get used to it. Anyway this has nothing to do with the dramas themselves, they are just tv shows, the actors are just normal human beings so I don’t feel personally insulted that you didn’t like it…there’s so much going on in the world right now that getting upset about anything you said would be delusional and a symptom of using these shows as escapism imo..

  17. nüän says:

    hey thx for the good work! its your blog so write whatever you want! ppl should respect that instead of bitching around.
    i totally share your opinion about bof, it took me exactly 15 minutes to realize that i hate it so i decided never to watch it again 😀 im amazed that you actually watched the whole thing! Respect dude!

  18. Sparkle says:

    I know this is an old post but if you happen to see this, I just wanted to say that I’m proud you aren’t afraid of voicing your opinion. “K-drama” is such a broad term, and it can appeal to just about anyone. Obviously we aren’t going to be liking every single drama out there.

    I’m the middle of the drama right now & I don’t want to say anything cause I haven’t finished it, but even though my friend REALLY likes this series, I’m not loving it so far. Is it just one of those slow, boring series? Characters are kinda getting on my nerves, and the plot seems pretty over done.
    (To BOF super fans: No need to bash at me, PLEASE. yeh yeh I know I didn’t give the series a chance, blah blah Jandi x Jun Pyo xoxox I’ll re-evaluate this series once I finish, if my opinion changes.)

  19. news says:

    If you dont mind, where do you host your web site? I am searching for a good host and your web site seams to be fast and up most the time

  20. alex says:

    I am not asian. I happen to see Athena god of war first korean drama, It was ok at beginning with 24 show (jack baeur) like hero etc. Decent quality production too, it was great for Korean drama. Then i watched witch yoo hee. I liked it until end. I think Han Ga in who can not act but she has presence. Then i watched who are you …GO Ara had crying role , she perfected it. So first time ever i liked korean chicks. HAN Ga In and Go ara. Then i was looking for similar drama , found bad guy ..was good until last episode. It was bombed. I think most korean drama is good beginning and middle …End blows. Boys over flowers watch 6 episode..its ok. Probably teen girls like it more i think, Someone ranked on top…Anyway …i am looking for drama that is different from western story line and alos some comedy and some romance and decent ending. Boys over flowers …meh.. I though Go ara looked like western DOLL. Not sure why so many hate her. I thought she is only beautiful chick in korea. All others are nothing great. Is there any actress who is beautiful with some good acting?.

  21. Ran says:

    OMG FINALLY someone who speaks the truth!! I ALSO HATE BOF…the acting was TERRRRRRIBLE…LEE MIN HO will continue to put me to sleep with every drama that he’s in. Have u seen the Heirs? TERRIBLE ACTING..he looks like he himself is going to sleep. gad damn…don’t know why people obsess over this. i honestly couldn’t get through it. All the boys were terrible…none of them had any charm!

  22. guest6 says:

    you suck dick 😀

  23. Poppy says:

    I have to say, I completely agree with the above.

  24. Everyone says:

    Your review finally calmed my tormented soul ❤❤❤. I cannot BEGIN to describe how much I relate to you. How come this drama is on EVERY SINGLE best kdrama list!? HOW!!!??? WHY!!??? And really, that part where Jan Di is thrown off from her cycle, I was like, WHAT on earth is going on!? IS THIS FOR REAL! Actually I was like that throughout the whole drama. I stuck with it because of the high ratings and it has taught me to never blindly trust ratings EVER AGAIN.
    I especially could not bear the fact that Jan Di fell in love with Jun Pyo after he was such a bully to her and how come he just whisks her away to New Cambodia or wherever just because he wants to!? WHY does she GO with him!!!??? And WHY did she accept all those ‘gifts’ he sent to her house? Does she have NO PRIDE!!!! If a boy treated me like Jun Pyo and his ‘flower boys’ did Jan Di, they better pray I am bedridden somewhere in a far off hospitall because I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FKING ANNAHILATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And why does that stupid Jan Di keep drowning!?

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