Meet my perfect man: Milo Vincele

Posted: August 25, 2009 in About Me., Men of the Moment, Random
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So my cousin was playing her game The Sims 3 and she told me that she wanted me to make the next people to be in her new Sims home. She told me to design a girl which I did, who’s name is Jesse Mattola and then she told me I could design my perfect man… I can’t explain to you the excitement I took in this process.

When I think of my perfect man, you’d think that I would design a Rain Part Duex, but I didn’t. This guy looks like every ethnicity rolled into one: Biracial, Latino, Asian and Indian… what matters though is that he is fine and he is indeed my perfect man.

I designed EVERYTHING about this guy. The shape, length and height of his nose, eyes, mouth and ears; how far apart I wanted his eyes, at what angel; the color of his lips; the strength of his jaw;  those earrings he’s wearing; the color of his eyes; the shape and thickness of his eyebrows; his sideburns; his build; the color of his skin; his style and yes, even his personality.

Below are pictures of him in his regular wear (the jeans), his bed wear (the glasses), swimwear and formal wear. For the formal wear, I gave him sort of Korean-style. Some of you may see that I took that exact style from Kim Sung Soo’s character ‘Min-hyuk’ in Rain’s drama Full House… that man dressed fly as hell!

So what do you think of my perfect man? Isn’t he to die for?

  1. sterraaa says:

    he looks kinda stubby.

    but you know what, you have good taste. kinda.

  2. mrbean says:

    the perfect man looks like an italian housewife

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