New Ninja Assasin poster!

Posted: July 26, 2009 in K-Pop Madness, Movies Reviews
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rain NAI gotta say I like this better than the other one!

It’s definitely more intense and I’m so happy to say that all the reviews Ninja Assasin is getting has been good! There was this video of soem producers from another film, but they saw Ninja Assasin at Comicon and were highly praising it calling it “the bloodiest movie of the year” and how they really loved the movie.

This is going to put rain on the map!

“Fear not the weapon, but the hand that wields it”


  1. rosetta16 says:

    OMG first!!!!!
    it looks awsome i cant wait!!!

  2. nozomi says:

    oh yeah i can’t wait the preview was kick ass, wish i could have went to comic con for the advance screening.

  3. sterraaa says:

    you know what, i changed my mind. i actually might check this shiet out…

  4. purpleroses1920 says:

    i really can’t wait for this movie..aweeee<333

  5. […] and support Lee Byung Hun! I know this movie will put him on the map! I think this will along with Ninja Assasin will help open up more and more doors as asian actors continually take leading […]

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