Random SHINee Selca’s

Posted: July 24, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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Let’s just get one thing straight people…


…just not their new look.

Ever since they came back out with their single “Juliette” I’ve just been wincing everytime I see them.. like this. I found some pictures of SHINee selca’ing and was just like.. ew. I hate this look on asians… the coloring of the hair and the blue contacts… we all know whats going on here, what look they’re trying to acheive….

The “white thing” they seem to have a taste for… for some reason they are fascinated with “white-ness” and I haven’t the faintest idea why. One thing to try on different looks but I just don’t like this.

taeminI’m sure this is a wig… I mean, as much as we all may wish, but no one’s hair can be that thick, full and luscious and the hot skater-boy curls and sidesweep—I dated a boy with hair like this, it’s absolutely amazing <3—just does not work on Taemin’s small, youthful face and then the contact just look freakish on him. This picture was taken recently I believe today at something called “SBS Power FM Choehweajeong Power Time” (?)

taemin2Creepy.. creepy…! The huge-mongo wig, the unfitting blue contacts and milky-skin… I don’t want to see this guy when I wake up in the middle of the night!

Oh Key dear… you used to be so sexy-sexy! But now you’ve been mutilated!

The thing I found sooo attractive about Key was his thick, dark eyebrows that matched his dark hair. It gave him a very intense gaze that made you just want to keep staring at his eyes but not that’s all washed away for this big, orange… thing.

Onew doesn’t look so bad here… just a little shaggy but there is Taemin again.. especially with that collared, striped shirt, he looks even more….

I saw this picture and thought it was so cute… that’s Jonghyun on the left and I BELIEVE—correct me if I’m wrong—Onew. Very simple but very cute.

And finally… Jonghyun is fricking sexy.

Masculine, faux-hawked and earring-ed out… just the way I like it. Sezzy sezzy sezzy!!!

Ahhh…. ❤

  1. rosetta16 says:

    teamin contacts freak me out but he is still cute ♥

  2. k-addict11 says:

    Key + TaeMin = GAAAAYYY
    Jonghyun + Onew = ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Minho = SEXXAAYYY

  3. purpleroses1920 says:

    i agree with you liz..
    they look so freaking gay -_-

  4. LiteratiTempo says:

    Taemin’s contacts are freaky. I love Key’s hair color. I think it looks great. Their new outfits however leave much to be desired. I’m glad they ditched the weave though.

  5. sterraaa says:

    don’t be bashing my thinspirations. rofl, but honestly, what the shibal are they doing to these growing boys? we all know they’re gonna regret this shiet ten years from now.

  6. Soojin says:

    lol..jonghyun’s cute..

  7. hannah says:

    Call them gay one more time and I swear to fucking God I’ll cut you, bitch.

  8. shineerockmyworld says:

    i love shinee guys and i kinda agree with you asians look good with black or natural brown hair blonde hair on asians are creepy but i dnt think taemin hair is a wig… Is it? Whatever i love shinee! Fighting!

  9. Catherine Jones says:

    before you start making a blog, make sure that you read again what you’ve typed and see if the grammar is correct. it’s quite embarrassing to read and often times not understandable. even the title is wrong grammar. Just A nothing ? come on . before you even think about ruining the reputation of these K-pop idols, who doesn’t even know even a single bit of information about you, make sure that the things you are writing are reasonable. your blog is on the web and people all around the world can read your statements. i’m telling you, be careful.

  10. unknown says:

    first, i interesting to see the title, but .. now i REALLY HATE !!! how could you do this? TT

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