Kim Bum promotes “Dream” drama!

Posted: July 24, 2009 in K-Drama Reviews Rants and Raves
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…and I’m liking what I see.

Finally, Kim Bum’s next drama after the horrendous Boys Over Flowers, Dream will finally air starting this Monday! A few days ago a press conference for the was held in Busan and before I saw the picture’s I wasn’t going to watch it but now… you better believe I’m going to be awaiting it’s release on the internet! So many hotties….

Also starring alongside Kim Bum and Son Dambi (I’m also intrigued to see those 2 together romantically, I’m sure) is Joo Jin Moo, or as most of you may know him as – myself included – the guy Kim Ajoong was after in 200lbs Beauty.

Dambi looked pretty as per usual in a gold, shoulder-dress and Kim Bum looked long and sleek in a suit and Jesus shirt button-down-shirt-sweater-hybrid-thingy.

Will YOU be waiting for ‘Dream’ to premiere?




  1. LiteratiTempo says:

    I though Kim Bum was horrible in BOF. I thought his acting was over the top worse the KHJ. But I have high hopes for the eye candyness that is Dream.

  2. sterraaa says:

    joo jin mo and kim bum in the cast? hellz freaking yeah, i’m checking that shiet out.

  3. srwigginton says:

    I really want to see this drama. Mainly because 손담비 is in it. 김범 is cool too. I liked him in “뜨거운 것이 좋아” and “꽃보다 남자.” Joo Jin Moo was in 200lbs beauty? I want to see that movie again. xD Good article though.

  4. rosetta16 says:

    Kim bum is sooooo cute
    and this drama sounds cool think im gonna watch it

  5. raiine says:

    Am keeping my eyes peeled for this new Korean hunk!
    I hope his acting improves in this new drama… He’s an actor who can really charm and cry, but i felt that he wasn’t convincing in some parts in BOF when he was angry.

  6. Isabella says:

    WHERE can i watch it online…. I am going crazy trying to figure it out!!!

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