I want my wedding to be like this!

Posted: July 24, 2009 in About Me.
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I guarantee this video will put a smile on your face.

When and IF I get married–I’m one of those people who believe you can love and spend your life with one person without having to have a slip of paper that says so–I want it to happen like this!

I always said that I didn’t want to have this huge-mongo thing but if I did, it would have to be like this… so fun and carefree and just celebrating! People make weddings so formal and serious, and in a sense they are, but the most important part is that its a celebration of 2 people’s love together.

I always hoped that I’d have it cliche’-ly on a beach or something with a very small group of intimate family and friends.

Only thing with my wedding is that we’d have a more choreographed routine… lol seriously, I’m thinking about doing this at my wedding now LOL

What would you want yours to be like?

  1. rosetta16 says:

    lol i saw this in the news itwas so funny XD

  2. sterraaa says:

    ROFL. that was just too cute ❤ i expect to see your wedding vid on youtube, liz~

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