What did they do to “Alice in Wonderland”?!

Posted: July 21, 2009 in Movies Reviews, Random
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alice-mainHoly crap!

Seriously… Tim Burton is such a weirdo. Now I know that the person who wrote Alice in Wonderland must’ve been on drugs anyway, but seriously, this guy really is making the movie a frick of a lot weirder than it needs to be.

I am expecting to really dislike this movie considering I hated Burton’s re-make of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I was told by people—though I’m not sure how true this is—that Burton’s remake was more close to what went on in the actual book… however true that may be, I still believe that he puts a dark turn on movie’s that need not be there.

Like Coraline, I feel like this is another one children should stay away from… I mean, just look at how Johnny Depp’s character as the Mad-hatter looks!alice

It’s absolutely horrifying! Leave the kids at home please, if you don’t want them sleeping in your bed for the next couple weeks!

I think if they gave this a little darkness to it, it would have been OK but this… this is just scary. Tell me what you think of this new make-over.

Then again, maybe I’m just a Disney classic whore ^^)

  1. deeana says:

    IKR??? they totally screwed it up. it’s like the nightmare version of alice in wonderland. xD

  2. stop being MIA liz says:

    i think it’s interesting

  3. LiteratiTempo says:

    This is making Alice in Wonderland closer to it’s original creepiness. Lewis Carroll was a bit of a pedo. He hung out with 7 year old girls, and the original story was dedicated to one of the little girls he loved. He was a creepy guy, but he actually put a lot of social commentary in the Alice books.

  4. sterraaa says:

    rofl liz. fairy tales were always for mature audiences. the original shizzle is a helluva lot darker than disney ~ so yeah, homes, i’m pretty excited for tim burton’s version. his version of charlie and the chocolate factory was love, kthx.

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