OMG Jaejoong!

Posted: July 20, 2009 in I swear I'm not a pervert but...., K-Pop Madness
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jaejoongWOW Jaejoong… just… WOW.

Trying to give Yunho a run for his money, ay?


  1. sarah says:

    omg lol.. jaejoong

    who knew our little joongie was like that teehee!

  2. deeana says:

    ZOMG. kitteh would be sooo happy to know that JJ is no longer a tugboat..he has upgraded…to a TITANIC. xD

  3. Hoshi Kuran says:

    Oh!!! God~~~ damn~ this is turning me on! People with big hands sure have big unmentionables~ =3 Swoon~ Thanks for posting!
    Although I have a feeling JJ will skin me alive for appreciating this post! Maika~

  4. Bob Dabuilda says:

    Dammit now I need to deem someone else a “tugboat.”

  5. rosetta16 says:

    dang good stuff………….

  6. purpleroses1920 says:

    lol dee..titanic

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