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Posted: July 3, 2009 in About Me., Dear Diary, Men of the Moment
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michael3Hey everyone!

In the midst of this horrible tradgedy, instead of listening to this horribly, false and disgusting rumors, we have to remember Michael at his best and his truest form—which was a performer!

PLEASE CLICK HERE! to sign an online petition in order to get Michael 30th Anniversary Performance released on DVD! Even if your not that big of a Michael fan, it would mean so much to the rest of us fans, because if you were really touched by Michael, this death really effects you, believe me. I remember when I was in 6th and this anniversary had came on the night before…when I got to school the next day, boy oh boy! You could clearly tell EVERYONE watched it! Everyone was doing Michael’s famous kick and singing and talking about it the entire day.

You can stay anonymous on the website, once you sign the online petition. Michael had the power to move mountains, change peoples minds and lives, I would love too keep his life change’s on record.

Also, recently I made a video about how I feel about Michael’s death. A full post will come soon (surely the longest I’ve ever written), but I haven’t had the energy or heart to write it yet. I’m still coming to terms with this horrible tradgedy.

Here is my video; lyrics written entirely by me:

My description about the video:

This is my response to Michael’s untimely passing. As you can see, I’m not a singer, so just bear with me and try to understand my message.

Taeyang and Big Bang fans are probably wondering why I used this song and the reason is because the verses are long which allows me to get my point across, as well as the fact that the song is really beautiful and emotional which I felt was a good tone for my words.

Here are 2 other good videos about Michael:

Please anyone and everyone CLICK HERE! to sign this petition! It’s a great favor to all of us Michael fans who’ve lost one of the most important figures in our lives!

  1. MichaelJacksonAngel says:

    my video is here
    thank u

  2. MichaelJacksonAngel says:

    why I can’t sing in in a petition???

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