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Posted: July 3, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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2ne1 no makeup:O

That was the first face that came to mind… hot damn they look a fucking mess! CL LOOKS LIKE A MAN. The only natural beauty is Park Bom, and didn’t she have plastic surgery?

I mean, I never really figured CL for that much of a looker anyway but hot diddly damn girl! She’s can’t sing (thats why she’s the rapper) and she isn’t pretty… I don’t get it?

If it seems like im hating… meh, sorry about that. I actually really like 2NE1, but this needs to be said!

Sleep with the make-up on girlies, or you’ll never get the guy to stay for breakfeast!

  1. sterraaa says:

    ROFLMAO. ouch, liz. ouch.

  2. MissViip says:

    Sandara was so cute when she just debuted , she was too natural and she wasn’t missing her hairstyle like now , now she have to put a kilos of make up just for a video clip , and that made her face looks so bad without make up .

  3. elisa perez says:

    sandara is a natural beauty.. she is just haggard in that picture .. when i first saw her here in philippines .. i totally like her .. coz her face is so cute and pretty .. and she is a good singer and actress . i still remember her song “In or Out” .. so don’t ever judge her as not a natural beauty . love you dara .. just keep going .. you are pretty to me , inside and out .. the people who hates you is just insecure because they are not beautiful and talented as you !!!

  4. elisa perez says:

    minzy ?!!! CL ?!!! WTF !! is that a face ?!!! i can’t believe CL’s face here compare her face now … she looks like an ugly man here .. and minzy’s face , it sucks !!! i found her cute then but now … urgh!! totally not … dara is just okey with me .. she is just looked haggard in this pic. and park bom , she is always pretty, as in totally , they said that that pretty face is just a plastic surgery .. but looking at that picture.. she is just so pretty and totally cute !!

  5. snowy says:

    stop bashing!!! look out your face, then judge the others

  6. Aki says:

    In my opinion CL is the only one who don’t look naturally good, BUT look at her hair, it’s mess, that’s why you see a big ugly girl šŸ˜€ when my hair is mesy like that then I look like minzy and CL mix :DDD (and I am not talking about theyr beauty parts :DD) when I’ve watched YG TV, and Minzy with no make up look good :)) Park Bom Is pure cuteness and sexyness in one šŸ™‚ And Dara is cute as hell with and wihout make up… CL with brushed hair looks good too :))) So stop judge, cuz you don’t look better in the morning, and stop watching kdaram and thinking that all korean girls wake up big bright eyes, and looking good as hell šŸ˜€ that’s only a make up šŸ˜€

  7. beljay says:

    they all look fine..well. except for CL though.. and at list CL didn’t had a surgery compared to the other groups..!!!

  8. park soooo says:

    i cant believe cl face like that

  9. Hay says:

    Well the girls might have just finished something very tiring like dance practice and they are expressionless. I think they are beautiful and I don’t think bom has had any surgery. And if you watch 2ne1 tv you see them without make up all the time and they look pretty.

  10. anna says:

    the only one who looks ugly is CL.
    LIKE EWWW WTF I thought she was he prettiest (next to bom)
    until I saw this!

  11. ugly says:

    they’ve pretty and charming voice.
    that’s enough to be a singer.

  12. parisamour says:

    wow just stop
    look at yourself in the mirror before you bash other people’s appearances cuz really you probably look 10x worse than the people your bashing

  13. LovePH says:

    well sandara didn’t go under the knife and i know it’s real.. she didn’t change her looks except for the way she dresses herself.. she’s definitely pretty even before when she was still in SCQ… she’s a natural beauty .. as of the the other members i thinks bom is a product of surgery.. i mean just seeing her videos about how she auditioned… she really looks different but then again she is still pretty even without the help of a surgeon.. about CL and minzy.. they are still pretty beauty is not only in the outside.. so stop judging.. it may bounce back to you one day.. you’ll never know šŸ˜‰

  14. MongAleep says:

    well who said that “CL can’t sing that’s why she raps?” so you havn’t watched their unplugged or live version of their performance?! She has a like a perfect voice. I love hers more than Bom’s.

  15. kim says:

    Park bom cute as allways!

  16. Mona says:

    Oh, you must all look soooooo “pretty” without make up (yes that was sarcasm). And what’s that bullshit about CL not being able to sing? She is amazing both as rapper and vocalist. She has a very strong voice for a Korean singer and an amazing charisma. You must be either way hating her for some other reason or you are simply completely deaf. CL has a powerful voice and she knows how to control it very well. Wash your ears and mouth! I almost swear if I had to see some of you. pretties, pictures without make up I would have to contain my vomit. Now excuse me, while I drink myself down to your intellectual level.

  17. trexie says:

    they are all perfect guyz!so cl have a nice voice!

  18. trexie says:

    for what you say cl can’t sing so she rap,that not true cl have a nice voice!!!DAMN YOU BITCH…
    THEY ARE ALL PERFECT!!!if you cl is ugly you to look at you’re face in the mirror you have a bitch face!!!they are all beautiful!!!

  19. dee says:

    CL can sing. Check out 2NE1 TV Season 1 Episode 9, she sings “Killing Me Softly” a capella in Japan. She can actually sing quite well.

    They don’t look ugly, just haggard. Personally I think they’re all pretty cute. Everyone has 1-2 bad photos… me included. I look much worse at my worst and I’m sure you do too. If this is their worst… it’s really not all that bad.

  20. Yolanda says:

    I think people shouldn’t hate on them!!!!!!!! They are just the same as all of us, normal people!!!!! Just because girls generations extremely pretty from plastic surgery doesn’t mean everyone is!!!!!!!! and it’s their talent and personality not their looks that count!!!!!!! plus these photos aren’t exactly good……..

  21. Stefany says:

    2ne1 is the most Natural Kpop Idol Group. Park Bom has had a ton of surgery on her face and it is obvious, especially now. And I can see that Sandara had her nose done, nothing super serious but its been shaped. CL and Minzy do not look like they had any procedures done, which is unheard of for any Kpop group.

  22. bkackcat says:

    2ne1 is a natural girl band.Yes, Bom had her surgery on her face, but is for health. She suffer from Lymph Node disease. if you mention in the 2ne1 TV, her face is swollen in some times.

  23. Forever Alone says:

    seriously , i really like these group . 2ne1 is better than the other group . i love their style .

  24. Shabalabadingdong 2PacShakur Denzel Washington Notsofast Nazi Killer Of Torches In The Ass says:

    Well, if the looks don’t please you, their individual personalities will.

  25. They preach about “being beautiful on your own” too much to go ahead and do something like plastic surgery. And even if they decide to get surgery done, as fans, their decisions ought to be respected. Its not like the surgery will change their commitment to their music or their fans.

    Stop hating. Stop judging.

    These girls are amazing and their blackjacks love matter what they look like.

    P.S. park bom has lymph node disease…and still looks beautiful. Please stop spreading things about her “looking bad with surgery,” when she is already struggling with her condition. There is no need to spread such de-faming things about her.

    ā€”B-Nolza Fighting.

  26. Bomy says:

    OMG!! only one that looks pretty is Park Bom!! right??
    Look at CL…she is…….. šŸ™‚

  27. grace says:

    U Crazy!? park bom had plastic surgery a couple of times, im not saying thats bad but what u said is messed up ALL of them have a good voice and thats what mostly matters

  28. Kaitlyn Widjaya says:

    whats wrong with Dara?
    she’s still the prettiest here!

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