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So I made this movie when I was vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard with my cousins. We were so bored we were just going to make a silly movie but it ended up being much longer then originally planned and I actually decided to edit it.

It was filmed in about 9 days on 1 digital camera… yes you read that right, a DIGITAL CAMERA. Hence the reason why the sound quality is very shitty at times and also the visual. There’s virtually no street lights in the Vineyard so when it was dark… well, we were shooting in the dark.

Try to appreciate the vision, cuts and the product with the limited resources we had.

Thanks, rate and comment ^^)

Click HERE for Part 1.

Click HERE for Part 2.

Click HERE for Part 3.

Click HERE for the Bloopers.


rain NAI gotta say I like this better than the other one!

It’s definitely more intense and I’m so happy to say that all the reviews Ninja Assasin is getting has been good! There was this video of soem producers from another film, but they saw Ninja Assasin at Comicon and were highly praising it calling it “the bloodiest movie of the year” and how they really loved the movie.

This is going to put rain on the map!

“Fear not the weapon, but the hand that wields it”



*Sexy Junsu! Sexy Junsu!*

But anyway….

The Korean police decided to dance to 2pm’s “Again & Again” and they do a pretty awesome job! lol And DAMN to do I love  a man in uniform… especially the black ones too!

I would appreciate it more but this song is so repetitive to me… I really like it and made it as the ringtone for my text messages so it literally kept ringing again and again and eventually I got sick of it lol.

But anyway, check out the cops bust a move!


…and I’m liking what I see.

Finally, Kim Bum’s next drama after the horrendous Boys Over Flowers, Dream will finally air starting this Monday! A few days ago a press conference for the was held in Busan and before I saw the picture’s I wasn’t going to watch it but now… you better believe I’m going to be awaiting it’s release on the internet! So many hotties….

Also starring alongside Kim Bum and Son Dambi (I’m also intrigued to see those 2 together romantically, I’m sure) is Joo Jin Moo, or as most of you may know him as – myself included – the guy Kim Ajoong was after in 200lbs Beauty.

Dambi looked pretty as per usual in a gold, shoulder-dress and Kim Bum looked long and sleek in a suit and Jesus shirt button-down-shirt-sweater-hybrid-thingy.

Will YOU be waiting for ‘Dream’ to premiere?




Let’s just get one thing straight people…


…just not their new look.

Ever since they came back out with their single “Juliette” I’ve just been wincing everytime I see them.. like this. I found some pictures of SHINee selca’ing and was just like.. ew. I hate this look on asians… the coloring of the hair and the blue contacts… we all know whats going on here, what look they’re trying to acheive….

The “white thing” they seem to have a taste for… for some reason they are fascinated with “white-ness” and I haven’t the faintest idea why. One thing to try on different looks but I just don’t like this.

taeminI’m sure this is a wig… I mean, as much as we all may wish, but no one’s hair can be that thick, full and luscious and the hot skater-boy curls and sidesweep—I dated a boy with hair like this, it’s absolutely amazing <3—just does not work on Taemin’s small, youthful face and then the contact just look freakish on him. This picture was taken recently I believe today at something called “SBS Power FM Choehweajeong Power Time” (?)

taemin2Creepy.. creepy…! The huge-mongo wig, the unfitting blue contacts and milky-skin… I don’t want to see this guy when I wake up in the middle of the night!

Oh Key dear… you used to be so sexy-sexy! But now you’ve been mutilated!

The thing I found sooo attractive about Key was his thick, dark eyebrows that matched his dark hair. It gave him a very intense gaze that made you just want to keep staring at his eyes but not that’s all washed away for this big, orange… thing.

Onew doesn’t look so bad here… just a little shaggy but there is Taemin again.. especially with that collared, striped shirt, he looks even more….

I saw this picture and thought it was so cute… that’s Jonghyun on the left and I BELIEVE—correct me if I’m wrong—Onew. Very simple but very cute.

And finally… Jonghyun is fricking sexy.

Masculine, faux-hawked and earring-ed out… just the way I like it. Sezzy sezzy sezzy!!!

Ahhh…. ❤

I guarantee this video will put a smile on your face.

When and IF I get married–I’m one of those people who believe you can love and spend your life with one person without having to have a slip of paper that says so–I want it to happen like this!

I always said that I didn’t want to have this huge-mongo thing but if I did, it would have to be like this… so fun and carefree and just celebrating! People make weddings so formal and serious, and in a sense they are, but the most important part is that its a celebration of 2 people’s love together.

I always hoped that I’d have it cliche’-ly on a beach or something with a very small group of intimate family and friends.

Only thing with my wedding is that we’d have a more choreographed routine… lol seriously, I’m thinking about doing this at my wedding now LOL

What would you want yours to be like?

ninja assasinOMG! The day I’ve been waiting my whole life for… for SO LONG has finally come and it’s here the Ninja Assasin trailer is here OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! Let’s rejoice all!

The critiques from the pre-screening of this movie have all been good and I can’t wait because I’m sure this will be Rain’s big break into the US scene! I hope he stays and actor because he is so good at it… people will see him in this movie and then everyone is goin gto want to hire him and he is going to put asian men on another level with him coming out and being all sexy like he is!!!!


That was a mouth full.

With me, it’s impossible not to be bias when it comes to Rain… but this looks good! I just wished they had him in the trailer more what the heckity heck?! It’s his movie he needs to be shirtless in every other frame, I demand it!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the long-awaited Ninja Assasin trailer!