Wonder Girls shirt at Forever 21

Posted: June 2, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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I think people were taking my post on THE GREATEST SITE EVER! a little to literally.

On the Forever 21 website, this shirt is not listed amongst the other liscensed shirts with celebrities on the shirts. For example, in the licensed shirt section, there is a shirt with Jimi Hendrix shirt and the name of the shirt is, obviously, “Jimi Hendrix shirt.” Since the shirt is not with the other licensed tees, I technically can’t say it is the wonder girls, even though it obviously is.

The Wonder Girls shirt on the other hand is called “Window Shopping Tee” even though obviously it has the girls on it, and the pictures prove it.

Even though I don’t like the Wonder Girls, I still plan on getting the shirt lol… gotta support K-pop artists no matter what! I plan to get it on tomorrow….


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