Looking for some cheap kpop goods?!

Posted: May 4, 2009 in K-Pop Madness, Random
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Well let me sell them to you!

What does Rain have to do with this post? Will I be selling some of my Rain’s memorabilia??

HELL NO! He’s just really hot and I needed a pic for right there ^^;

But I will be selling some other stuff in case you would like to buy it! Also, I will tell you hoenstly and truly, that I keep all of my kpop stuff in PERFECT condition…sellable condition!

Right now, I have a limited amount of items, but if you are interested, please bid on them! I guarentee you’ll be getting a good deal on otherwise overpriced products!

Click to see the items I’m selling and the prices!

  1. FT Island’s “Colorful Sensibility”
  2. Full House Full Series on DVD (with Song Hye Kyo and Rain)
  3. Best Korean Drama Hits 3 (Double Disk, 14 songs each)
  4. BoA “Love Letter” double disk, Asian mix **
  5. BoA’s Self-titled debut American album**

I’ll be adding to this list, so make sure to check back!




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