Funny Pictures of the Dong Bang boys!

Posted: April 13, 2009 in I swear I'm not a pervert but...., K-Pop Madness
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So I was on a site called CAPSLOCK something or the other and I can’t tell if they hate or like DBSK but I found these pictures and they are hilarious.

Something I already knew: costumes worn by Korean artists in concerts are absolutely atrocious! And here is a prime example.


Our dear Yoochun…quite the religious pup isn’t he? He is so inspiring…he helped me discover Jesus…

yoochuns-chestAnd the following picture…I’m not going to lie, I literally sat and watched this picture for a STRAIGHT five minutes, then I stopped for a little bit and sat there and watched it over and over and over etc… again.

As you can tell in the (.gif) picture, the Dong Bang boys are jumping up and down at their concerts and well, you know gravity…as they are jumping up and down, so are their… *ahem*. Anyway, as you can see, Jaejoong covers his once he realizes but Yunho just lets his go.

I sat and watched it go up and down and up and down…Yunho, *ahem*, I must say…teehee…you are quite…endowed for being, you know…um…not aroused. Okay…so maybe I am a pervert! But you know what, who cares?! You’re about to stare at this pic for the next five minutes too! And most of you ladies will probably save it to your computer like me!

Damn it I did it again…stared at this picture for too damn long!

changmin-hotI was actually very saddened to find out that this picture was shopped =:::( lol. Changmin isn’t really my favorite…but with a body like that he couldve been! lol I’m such a ditz, when people said it was shopped I though they meant the hand but when I look more closely, the entire head is shopped! lol

jaejoongOkay, this picture is funny because…um…because I saw…ok. There is nothing funny about it, I saw it and was like HOT DAMN! and saved it to my computer. Jaejae is look GOOOOOODDDD.

Feel free to interpret that as “God” as well haha.

changmin-thrustingGo Changmin! Go Changmin! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday!

I like this because he is thrusting so much harder then the rest! lol Xiah isn’t even on beat at all. And my boy Yunho is looking good on the right lol. They all look good but I really like the fitting white jeans on guys (even though I’ve only seen it on Kpop stars)…I’ve recenlt find it quite sexy because with the pants you can really see their figure.

Well anyways, I hope you had a good laugh like I did!

  1. Roshni says:

    HEHEEE!! Thank you for that 😀

  2. uchihia_crack says:

    They love the boys but love them enough to be able to make fun of them. XDD

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