I’ve started a new drama

Posted: April 11, 2009 in K-Drama Reviews Rants and Raves
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soulmate…Which is so weird, because it usually takes me months to start another drama! Considering I just finished Boys Over Flowers like 2 days ago, it’s a bit fast for me to be jumping back on the drama boat.

Well, anyways, I’ve now started the drama “Soulmate” which I heard alot of postitive things about and I have alot of positive things to say about it!

The drama is surprisingly and refreshingly sexy! None of that childish, “just press our lips together” crap, this is the real deal! And the sound track is to die for, which I already downloaded! And its mostly composed of English songs, but they really fit the plot. This drama is quite hilarious as well, as I’ve found myself literally LOLing to it! It’s very short, only 12 episodes (I’m up to 7), and I almost feel like I ALREADY wish it was longer!

Here’s the dramafever synopsis:

A combination of Friends and Sex in the City, this refreshing, witty and sexy sitcom is our current favorite. We follow six charismatic characters through blind dates, breakups and hookups in 12 enjoyable chapters which make fun of the trials and tribulations of being single and dating in Seoul today. Because of its story line, actors and music, the title did not enjoy massive popularity in Korea – we don’t think anyone over 40 years old watched it – but amongst the young people it grew one of the strongest cult followings to this date.

You can check out Soulmate at the above link to drama fever or download the series like I did at Aja-aja. And ladies, FYI, there is some SERIOUS eye candy in this drama! Especially the delicious Shin Dong Wook! Lots of scenes of the guys in the gym working out…shirtless!

Check this one out!

  1. Roshni says:

    You had me at they don’t press their lips together. Real kissing? WOW. Count me in

  2. YnaFromParis says:

    You such a peverted girl (this post and the DBSK post… miam)!
    This drama is heavenly great !
    Sexy guys and great storyline + nice OST… Nice choice !

    No comment since so long. But i’m cramming for exams. I know you’ll forgive me ! Keep going !

  3. […] Sunday (not yesterday). Unfortunately, unlike my Boys Over Flowers wrap-up, I don’t have many Soulmate screencaps (in fact, the only screencaps I have are of Shin Dong Wook and are all in the same […]

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