Movie Review: Watchmen

Posted: April 7, 2009 in Movies Reviews
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watchmenSo I’d been hearing about this movie for weeks and hadn’t even seen one preview for it on TV…though I don’t much watch TV. Then, my dad asks, “Do you want to go to the movies?” and naturally, since I’m not a damn fool, I say sure. Since I know my dad wouldn’t go see the horror movies out, I decided I’m tired of hearing about Watchmen and wanted to go see it.

When I watched the trailer for this I saw a lot of mixed reviews, from one extreme to the other. From, “It’s so good, I’ve already seen it twice and probably will a third time!” to, “That movie was complete shit–a waste of $10!”

Well personally I think it was $10 well spent, though my dad on the other hand thought it was stupid. There wasn’t as much action as I thought there would be and the plot of the movie wasn’t too distinct. It’s pretty much a hunt, looking for a killer which leads to them finding out other things.

I actually liked the movie, I felt it had real substance. I also like how it took place in the 1960’s—I loved the sets, outfits and the way they speak in that, “It was a rainy Sunday afternoon I was out looking for the killer. He killed my friend…and I was ready to go kill him.” You know, stuff like that…and besides that, more importantly it had a lot of good views of nice asses! Holy cow! Who knew Patrick Wilson had such a nice ass?! …Then again, he’s really hot anyway, so I expect nothing less, but wow, nice booty, guy! Also, the big, giant, blue man has a nice but too–actually he had nice everything. And by everything, I mena EVERYTHING cause they show you EVERYTHING.

Only fault I can say about this movie is when they say it’s rated R, its RATED R. Please don’t take young pre-teens or kids to go see this–there are some VERY graphic sex scenes in here that last a little too long. I’m sure you can imagine how uncomfortable that was for me to watch with my dad sitting next to me lol.

Anyways, I give “Watchmen” 5 starfruit: 5-starfruit


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