bofSo I’ve buckled under the pressure that is Boys Over Flowers!

I’ve now started forcing myself to watch this drama…but it’s killing me! I’m only a little over half way through the 2nd episode, and Goo Hye Sun’s horrid over-acting just kills me! I can’t take it!

And also, Kim Hyun-joong’s UNDER-acting kills me aswell—he’s so freaking dry. And this comes from someone who was a fan of him on “We Got Married!”

Though don’t get me wrong, the show isn’t a national hit in Korea for no reason…so I feel like I have a duty to watch it. Also, so I can understand all the posts on THE GREATEST SITE EVER! about it. But one thing I don’t understand is, is there like 2 seasons of the show? Or did I read that wrong?

  1. jrockismypassion says:

    MY first korean dhrama and i love it!!! im so addicted!!! woah u think kim hyun joong is dry??? eeeeh??? isnt that suppose to be his character like nice and stuff i dunnoe i love him in the dhrama! lee min ho omg…i have to admit there are SOME scenes that are OVER exaggerated hehehe the episodes down the road are fun to watch but sometimes annoying especially the music and certain scenes hahaha its like wth that wont ever happen in REAL life hah!

  2. su says:

    I love boys over flowers they are so cute and handsome. BTW your blog looks great. Keep it up the good work.

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