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Poor girl…she actually thinks she can sing, I believe!

Just put the mic down hon…stick to being a comedian—you’re really good at it!

But then again…maybe this was just one of your routines; if so—keep up the good work!

bofSo I’ve buckled under the pressure that is Boys Over Flowers!

I’ve now started forcing myself to watch this drama…but it’s killing me! I’m only a little over half way through the 2nd episode, and Goo Hye Sun’s horrid over-acting just kills me! I can’t take it!

And also, Kim Hyun-joong’s UNDER-acting kills me aswell—he’s so freaking dry. And this comes from someone who was a fan of him on “We Got Married!”

Though don’t get me wrong, the show isn’t a national hit in Korea for no reason…so I feel like I have a duty to watch it. Also, so I can understand all the posts on THE GREATEST SITE EVER! about it. But one thing I don’t understand is, is there like 2 seasons of the show? Or did I read that wrong?