Movie Review: Coraline

Posted: February 8, 2009 in Movies Reviews
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coralineposterSo I went to see Coraline on Friday with a friend and I will say that it was pretty good. I mean, at first when he said he wanted to go see it, I looked at the commercials and was skeptical, especially with the whole “from creepy-ass Tim Burton” name written on it…I thought I was about to waste $10.

It wasn’t a waste, but before you waste some money, take heed of my warning:

I do not care if this movie PG, LEAVE THE KIDS AT HOME.

There were indeed some disturbing images in this movie and even some “soft-core” nudity that bothered me. The movie is indeed a dark one, and I even jumped at least 3 times…and this is coming from the same girl that was 14 years old and watched SAW alone in the house with all the lights off…yeah.

It was definately a good movie though; Tim Burton fans will be pleased and also anyone who likes dark humor will find this one enjoyable.

I give Coraline 4.5 Starfruit: 45-starfruit

  1. sarah says:

    This movie looks creepy

  2. […] Like Coraline, I feel like this is another one children should stay away from… I mean, just look at how Johnny Depp’s character as the Mad-hatter looks! […]

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