Damn…I swore I would never like a girl group!

Posted: February 4, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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afterschoolI think I’ve been listening to After Schools debut song, “Ah” a little too much.

The thing that I like about them is they seem very up front and in your face with their sexyness…almost like they’d beat your ass then sleep with you and give you the night of your life! (No gayness intended.) But, I’m concerned though because, a group based on sex won’t last for long…I mean, someone has to prove some talent other than being able to lift your leg over your head (PCD has Nicole).

And also, for some reason I feel compelled to learn the dance to this song! Maybe that’s what I  can do this weekend considering I have no life….

Anyone else feeling After School?

  1. jj says:

    there sonng is so addictive!! but idont think sexy can last long…

  2. Mathavy says:

    Actually girl group was more know and more popular back in the day as far as asian cultures especially in KPOP I still got my favorites. Well One group i will never for get is Tashanie. Also I laugh when you said compelled to dance to that song cause your not the only one like that cause one of my friend always do that and now I can also picture you dacing too lol

  3. YnaFromParis says:

    Haha ! Yeah you right, it seems like you don’t really feel the song without the dance steps… does that mean that the song sucks ?
    I’m wondering if i am biased because i like KPOP so everything which is KPOPish sounds great to me… i need a therapy right ?
    Keep going with your stuff… I LIKE IT ! And let’s see what After School will be After One YEAR !
    Seyna ^^’

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