DBSK got better looking in Japan.

Posted: January 23, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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20090123_tvxqpinky1Damn it. Do I ever not post sexy DBSK pics everytime I see them?

Who cares? They look hot as usual, of course…. The only problem I have with the pics is just the quailty of them. I understand they were probably going for the “60’s aged” look I guess, but it didn’t really deliver, considering the boys are dressed so fashionably and up-to-date.

A few comments on the photos:

  • The quality is a bit weird
  • Please take Jaejoong and Micky out of those UGGs!
  • I LOVE Changmins lips!!
  • Yunho looks a bit like he’s wearing stockings
  • Xiah appears to have huge feet; you know what they say about…lol just kidding!

Thanks to THE GREATEST SITE EVER! for the pics. Here are some of my favs,  check ’em out….

  1. jos says:

    i love allkpop! aren’t they hilarious?? and yes..these guys are mighty fine!! in uggs or not! lol.

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