Rain is like a fine wine…

Posted: January 22, 2009 in K-Pop Madness, Random
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rain-hotHe gets better with age…even though he’s only 26! Yes, Rain deserves this quote also.

I feel so dumb for posting these so late even though I saved them to my computer as soon as I saw them, but who cares?! Rain anyday of the month is good!

POPSEOUL! posted these pictures of Rain and my, my, my does he look scrumptious. Though I’m sure this is nothing new, also nothing new that I’m posting these, considering Rain is my #1 with a bullet….

Just look at those cuts! leading down to his….

Anyway, enjoy the yummy pictures of the God of Sex himself, though don’t drool too hard—he’s mine hoes!

  1. jrockismypassion says:

    omg OMG he is soo freakin hott and he sings really good also!!! dam!!!!

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