Man of the Moment: Song Seung Heon

Posted: January 18, 2009 in Men of the Moment
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songseungheonActor Song Seung Heon. What to say? To me, probably one of the most beautiful men, not only in Korea, but that I’d ever seen.

Probably most known for his roles in Korean dramas like “Summer Scent” and “Autumn Fairy Tale”, Song Seung Heon is far from the darkness around the spotlight–he is the spotlight!

At 32 years old, Song Seung Heon seems like he’d be the Korean George Clooney; a fine wine that gets better with age. The man is beautiful and pure sex which lands him a well-deserved spot in my favorite section of my blog… 😛

Check out Song Seung Heons sexyness:

Check out his AWESOME, official website HERE, and check out his hit drama (which is still airing in Korea), “East of Eden“, HERE.

  1. Janine says:

    Wow! He is VERY handsome!! I like your blog design 🙂 very sleek.

  2. […] Rain is like a fine wine… He gets better with age…even though he’s only 26! Yes, Rain deserves this quote also. […]

  3. wedges says:

    yeah i love song seung heon !!!
    he is my fav actor…
    love him in ‘he was cool’
    and he really really can sing
    love his voice…
    enjoy him singing i love you…

    just a big time fan of song seung heon !!!!

  4. Sada says:

    Wow, I’m in a frenzy just looking at him!

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