Movie Review: Over Her Dead Body

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Movies Reviews
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overherdeadbodyposterOk…so I just did a little research about this movie before I reviewed it—I wanted to see if it made it into theaters or not…and what suprised me is that it was!

Probably because Eva Longoria wouldn’t have been in this shit if it wasn’t.

Not that it was absolutely terrible, it just wasn’t that good. To me, it was one of those movies that was a comedy but it didn’t make me laugh at all—I think I cracked a smile once, but that was just because of the fat dog in the movie…lol.

Anyway, it wasn’t so bad, I just expected Eva Longoria to be, I don’t know…more. The cast wasn’t so bad, the story just felt like it was taken a little to lightly, considering it involved ghosts and psychics and all.

The only way I would reccomend this movie to someone is if they are like me and find something so adorably adorable about Paul Rudd…gosh I lurrrve him!

I give “Over Her Dead Body”, 2.75 starfruit: 275-starfruit1


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