Rain unleashes a thunderstorm!

Posted: January 6, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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Take that, jackass!

Well considering JYP is in fact a gorilla and not a donkey; Take that you banana picker!

During the SBS Gayo Daejon awards, Rain gave JYP the final ass-whooping he has so been deserving. How would it feel if you ex-protege, ex-trainee and ex-best friend, served your ass on a huge stage in front of millions of people?

Embarassed as hell. King JYP? KING KONG is more like it!

Thats exactly what Rain did to JYP during his performance. Now I thought before watching it that Rain might get his yummy, curvacious booty handed to him, but once I saw JYP busting out those tree climbing moves, I knew it was going to be over before it started (and did I mention Rain’s butt looks so good in those white pants?!)

Especially when the Snoop Dogg part came on he just killed it!

Das mah boo!
**Make sure to catch the performance in HD!

  1. kaixinguo says:

    oh, dear. I don’t think we were watching the same video…

    I’m a cloud to the death, but I must say JYP was better. He just, you know… DID more.

    His movements were sharp and on point (sorry, Rain, sometimes you were a bit messy), he moved around a lot more when he was dancing (eg with the tap-dancing thing at the beginning), his moves were also a lot more skillful. Just he was wearing black! Couldn’t it have been blue and red or something?

    I still love Rain! Don’t get it twisted. But true loyalty will tell you your faults so you can be the best you can be.

  2. […] In fact, the whole audiance was hyped up, groups also like the Wondergirls and SHINee. It was just an amazing performance overall, probably one of my most favorite of the night after that ass-whooping Rain gave JYP! […]

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