Lee Hyori Plagiarism Scandal

Posted: January 5, 2009 in K-Pop Madness
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Ok. So I had previously read about Lee Hyori’s situation with plagiarism. The story goes, Lee Hyori’s single, “Get Ya” from her album Dark Angel, is supposedly very similar to Britney Spears song, “Do Something”.

Why anyone would want to remake/copy that song is beyond me–I HATED it when it came out! Britney has had some good songs in her days…that wasn’t one of them.

Anyway, so I had read about that before, but I never really went and listened to both songs to see, but when I did…man oh man! All they did was take Britney’s song and throw some Korean into it! The beat and guitar instrument are the same, aswell as almost everything even down to the hook, where Lee Hyori’s, “I’m gonna get ya!” is EXACTLY the same as Britney’s, “Why don’t ya do somethin?”

Funny how the (for lack of a better artist) Korean Beyonce/Britney Spears copies the same song as the real one, huh? Guess they thought no one would find out, with Korea being on the opposite side of the world and all, huh?

Clearly they were wrong.

Check out Lee Hyori’s, “Get Ya!” and tell me what you think

And Britney Spears’ “Do Somethin”

**Lee Hyori is NOT personally resposible for the composing/production of the song.

  1. […] Funny how the (for lack of a better artist) Korean Beyonce/ Britney Spears copies the same song as the real one, huh? Guess they thought no one would find out, with Korea being on the opposite side of the world and all. …[Continue Reading] […]

  2. jrockismypassion says:

    wtf??? britney did the song waaay better…funny the other day i was checking out lee hyori songs and i came across that video i just thought AWFUL!!! bleh hate it!!! pretty lame that she used the same beat lyrics pretty much everything…COME ON man ppl nowadays are very protective about their music especially big artists like britney spears of course they have their team checking out ERYONE all over the world to see who is trying to make money of their songs..just like with yuhno that used JT’s song during one of his performances without perfmission and of course he found out asap youtube probably who knoes..and britney did a waaay better job >.<

  3. […] one of the comparisons I talked about before, the similarities between Lee Hyori’s “Get Ya” and Britney Spears “Do Somethin’” (and also SNSD’s “Genie” and Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the […]

  4. Domenic says:


    Lee Hyori recently released a track called Bring it Back:

    Too bad Canadian Pop group Cookie Couture released this EXACT same song two years ago on the Television Show Much Music’s Disband. Here are the Cookies performing THEIR song Bring it Back in front of girl group Girlicious

    Cookie Couture wrote that song and she has plagiarized it!!! AGAIN!

  5. AmberLee says:

    Not that I’m excusing the plagiarism, I think Lee Hyori’s version is WAY better. Yea I see the similarities, but they’re not identical. There are so many songs that sound similar to others but never get caught. Only the big ones do. It’s not even her fault either. She only sings the songs, while others write it and compile it for her. Its not like she knows every song made in the entire world so that she can compare every new song she makes so that she knows she’s not plagiarizing.

  6. Michelle Lee says:

    Are you kidding AmberLee? So that is your excuse for her? She sang it better and others do it all the time and never get caught? How the hell is that okay? It is stealing the work of someone else and calling it your own. And “Do something” is a famous song and was on the top-50 billboard hits. (The song sucks and I don’t like Britney but that doesn’t make Lee Hyori’s actions OK.) She is a famous artist, how could she not know? Sure she is not completely responsible but that doesn’t mean she is free from blame. This happens to a lot of Korean artists so you would think she would be more careful as the “Queen of Kpop”. Stop defending her because both her and her camp did wrong.

  7. VEE says:

    S O U N D S D I F F E R E N T. The beats were similar but the overall tune was different.

  8. DaRon says:

    Britney’s producers were probably saying “We’re gonna get ya, Hyori” after they come across this. I wonder how they found out. Someone must’ve sent a tip.

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