Deciding what drama to watch next….

Posted: January 4, 2009 in K-Drama Reviews Rants and Raves
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So I need to start watching a drama since I’ve finished “Coffe Prince”. And right now, it appears to between 2 dramas, the one on the very top, “One Fine Day”, and the one on the bottom, “Attic Cat”.

Now, “One Fine Day” was one of my choice, simply because of the fact that my boo was in it, Gong Yoo. “Attic Cat” was my second choice, because when I googled “recommended Korean dramas”, just about 90% of the recommendations were for “Attic Cat”. Now here is my dilemma: hottieloverman Gong Yoo, or good drama? I’ve seen the first episode of “One Fine Day” but not the first of “Attic Cat”…maybe I should watch it then decide?

“OFD’s” first episode was okay, I just feel like they were throwing too much at me for the first episode though.

So what do YOU think my next drama should be; One Fine Day or Attic Cat?


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