Movie Review: Everybody Has Secrets

Posted: January 3, 2009 in Movies Reviews
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“Everybody Has Secrets” (누구나 비밀은 있다) is a funny movie for anyone who loves to see the true essence of Korean humor in action.

Here is the synopsis: This remake of a little-known Irish film called About Adam features popular Korean idol Lee Byung-Hun (JSA) as a modern day Don Juan who ends up bedding a trio of sisters, while at the same time irrevocably changing their lives which begs the question, is it a change for the better?

The movie was pretty good, and had some pretty crazy twists in it—well considering I didn’t watch the trailer before I watched the movie, nor did I read any synopsises on it. Any Lee Byung Hun fan would love it—he looks sooo sexy in the movie, oh man! And the fact that he is a player, giving all these flirtatious looks and whatnot, I can’t blame these women for falling into his trap the way they did! He had a swagger like a college kid!

The only thing in the movie I can complain about is that I wish they would’ve explained WHY Lee Byung Hun’s character the way he was. It seemed to me (as the synopsis mentiones) that theres an almost “method to his madness” feel to what LBH was doing to these women…on purpose or did he really just not give a fuck?

You decide.

I give “Everybody Has Secrets” 4 starfruit: 4-starfruits

Check out the trailer:

And watch “Everybody Has Secrets” starring Lee Byung Hun, HERE.


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