I swear, this is not because I love Rain.

Posted: December 28, 2008 in K-Pop Madness
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Recently, Rain just launched his new clothing line, “Six to Five”.

Now although I’m curious about the name—and I’m not just saying this—but I actually like the clothing. If the rest of the clothes are like what Lee Hyori is wearing (it wasn’t said whether all the following stars were wearing his brand or not), then I’m DEFINATELY going to be checking yesstyle.com for his brand! It’s kind of tomboy-sexy-chic-downtown-hipster-vintage cool in my opinion—I love it!

What do you think about Rain’s new clothing line—cool, lame or *yawn*?

*credits to popseoul.com for the pics and jinijung for the video

  1. […] that this 18th and 19th century style of clothing is a big inspriation to Rain’s line Six-to-Five. I made a picture comparison of the 2 coats and now I know they are not EXACTLY alike, but you can […]

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